May 23 - Sergio Perez is "negotiating" for a new Red Bull deal, according to former Formula 1 driver Giedo van der Garde.

Mexican Perez was vocally upset about the team's "unfair" decision to order him to let new championship leader and teammate Max Verstappen past for the lead of the Spanish GP.

But he also vowed on the radio to discuss the matter privately.

"It's good that he discusses everything internally," van der Garde told Viaplay.

"If you're Perez, you just want to sign and he's negotiating now," he added. "You can see that he is the number 1 there but he also just wasn't fast enough.

"He knows his place within the team."

Another former F1 driver, Christijan Albers, agrees: "He did a good race but he doesn't have Max's speed.

"As a team you have to make a choice and not lose too much time. Max is now the leader of the world championship, which is what you want as a team.

"I think it's nonsense that Perez doesn't think it's fair," said the former Minardi driver.

For his part, Red Bull top official Dr Helmut Marko said the team orders were only made because both Verstappen and Perez were on "two different strategies".

"It was clear that Checo couldn't have finished with his set of tyres," he told ORF. "And with that it was very clear that Max was the faster one.

"But I can understand that he was upset - he saw victory in front of his eyes. Sergio didn't understand that at the time but it was the best and safest option for us to get that one-two," Marko added.

"If he asks me, I'll explain to him in detail that there was no other solution. But of course it's annoying in the heat of the moment.

"It's totally understandable that he doesn't say right away 'I'll wave my teammates past'. That way, he wouldn't be a real racing driver," Marko said.

Some believe Marko immediately consoled Perez by informing the 32-year-old that the 2023 contract he is lobbying for will indeed be offered.

"We have to clarify a few things internally, but there's nothing I'm worried about," Perez said after Sunday's race.

"I can only say that the atmosphere and momentum in the team are unprecedented."

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21 F1 Fan comments on “Perez team orders anger 'understandable' says Marko

  1. f1award

    Yea it's not right in the first half of the season and in the case of RB I believe it's team orders from race 1. Thing is Perez you got the job because they knew you'd be a great NR2.

    • shroppyfly

      Hi Valterri, its Toto, dyo want to drive one of my cars?

      Yeah Sure Toto

      Toto Now . you understand you'll always be No 2 against Lewis, your ok with that.

      Valterri, Ummm yeah I guess

      Here endeth the Bull from f2 about Rb

  2. Michael

    Perez was ahead of Max earlier in the season. I was pretty unimpressed with his temper tantrum during the race. I rooted for Max last year. But he is just a hot head. Perez is the better driver.

    • Nobodysperfect

      Hmmm, Michael. I do agree Perez is being underestimated, but he might have to eat a bit more spicy food before he will be the better driver. I understand what your saying about Verstappen being a hot head. But I wonder how we would react at +300 kph 65 celcius (in the cockpit) and al those G-forces. Don't forget those guys have to cope with unbelievable physical stress, stress that will certainly change your mood, when something (simple) on your car doesn't work.

      • Michael

        That's fair. I am sure its stressful. I guess the part that got me was when Perez came up on Max and had to big to be able to pass. At that point, he was the faster car (in part because he seems to take better care of his tires.)
        When Niko was still racing, MB seemed ok with letting the Niko and Lewis duke it out. I know this is going to be a tight year for points. But team orders have always rubbed me the wrong way. I guess thats F1 for you. No other sport that I can think of does that. (I don't watch American racing except the Indy 500.)

  3. Susan

    If memory serves me right, Perez had lost his ride at the end of 2020. RB picked him up and gave him a great car and team to resurrect his career. I’m sure he was eternally grateful. I wonder if he seriously thought that RB was going to make him equally competitive with Max? Maybe not last season, but with his new contract, he maybe thinking differently. He should have looked at MB and saw how Bottas was treated. He has a great car to drive, job security (for a while) and significant income. Checho time for a reality check. If nothing else, may want to curb public tantrums.

  4. Michael

    I would be the first to admit that Perez got off to a slow start last season. That is not uncommon when a person joins a new team. Again, he was ahead of Max earlier this season. I think its safe to say that the cars are what determine championships. True you need a steady driver. Maxes temper tantrum Sunday was pretty unimpressive. He doesn't seem to know how to take care of tires. And I don't think its a coincidence that his cars have all the mechanical issues. I rooted for him last year. Not anymore. Take off the orange sunglasses.

      • Michael

        And I suppose its just a coincidence that its always Maxes car that fails. He abuses his car and his team. I guess you didn't see the race Sunday.

        • shroppyfly

          Ah you mean like in Bahrain this year whee both cars failed

          You Sir , obviously didn't see Bahrain , abuses his team ,mmmm it does make you wonder why hes only driven for the Redbull owned teams then and has just signed a long extension to his contract,does it make you wonder?

          • Michael

            when both cars fail, that means neither get an advantage in the points. So what are you trying to say? You seem to be denying the temper tantrum. Fine.

    • Jax

      Breaking News.
      Lucky Champ has been likened to a spoilt brat toddler throwing tantrums by a former fan. 😄.
      Maxy waxy losing fans after being crowned. Wow.

    • Shroppyfly

      Are you a mix of Jax+f2 because your all the same, pick selective scenarios ,and often post innacurate comments and then just deflect or , and this a biggy.... just ignore it when you've been found out to be a prat,I look forward to your next words of wisdom regarding this season....

  5. smokey

    Checko should have followed Seb's example with Mark Webber and ignored team orders! It didn't harm Seb's time at RB!
    Of course, Marko can always be expected to put up a smoke screen of propaganda, which he has done for this incident.


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