Dec.1 - Axed Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto could be snapped up by Mercedes, according to Italy's authoritative Corriere della Sera newspaper.

After 28 years with the Maranello-based team, Binotto has resigned following a period of speculation about his future.

He is expected to be replaced by Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur from 1 January.

Ousted Ferrari boss has offers to work at three rival F1 teams

John Elkan and Carlos Sainz

"Binotto and (Ferrari chairman John) Elkann were like water and oil," highly respected Italian journalist Leo Turrini told Radio24.

"When the Ferrari chairman loses faith in the team boss, this outcome is only logical."

Some, though, think Ferrari's old habits of lopping off the management head after a failed championship campaign were premature in Binotto's case.

Turrini said he believes the 53-year-old Italian is already in talks with Audi, with the Volkswagen-owned German brand set to take over Sauber from 2026.

"Binotto will soon start working with the competition," Turrini predicts. "I know what he is in talks with Audi."

The Mercedes rumour, however, is also not far-fetched, after the German marque in recent years signed up several ousted Ferrari figures including James Allison and Aldo Costa.

Corriere della Sera also thinks the Renault Group may be interested in Binotto for its works Formula 1 team Alpine.

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13 F1 Fan comments on “Ousted Ferrari boss has offers to work at three rival F1 teams

  1. Manxman

    I can well imagine him showing up with another team. He is very strong technically and did a great job in this regard for Ferrari. His team management skills seem weaker. I can some teams wanting to add him to their roster.

    • Manxman

      No I don’t see him leading a team, but more as a technical lead. He doesn’t seem too ego driven so a solid pay cheque and technical toys to play with might suit him well.

  2. Nobodysperfect

    Can't believe Ferrari is letting him go!
    He walks out the door with 28 years of Ferrari experience and knowledge.
    Other F1 teams will be happy to get him onboard to get their car up to speed.

  3. Donalf

    If he's failed to make ferrari a winning team then how the hell would he be expected to help a lower level team but I suppose someone could give him a try.

  4. smokey

    Elkann has a reputation for dismissing people. Take a look at the way he dismissed the Juventus Club president. It seems if you don't grovel and kowtow to Elkann and follow his way to the letter you will be dismissed.
    Will Elkann's autocratic style bring success to Ferrari? I very much doubt it. You can't run any business like F1 where you castigate your managers for making decisions. Maybe Binotto made poor decisions, but at least he made decisions. I think he just needed better advisors working under him.

  5. Nodster

    Contrary to popular wisdom, in F1 autocratic leaders are the most successful. Think Enzo Ferrari, Colin Chapman and the like. Rule by committee and groupthink often fail even with massive budgets: think Toyota F1. Most teams are strongest when they have one strong autocratic leader calling the shots.

      • smokey

        Certainly is!
        Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have been conducting online classes in autocracy for F1 leaders, both past and present. Curly failed his end of year assessments! So he is out!

        • shroppyfly

          you forgot saudi leaders, north korea, and turkey, and f1 races/has raced in most of these countries. the worlds mad.look what Indonesia's now doing, a yr in prison if two people have sex with each other who arent married, China f55ked up hongkong, and threatens to invade Taiwan, and Turkey still insist they were right to steal half of Cyprus.

          • smokey

            No, Shroppy, I didn't forget them! It's just that only Xi and Putin are conducting lessons!
            I agree with what you say about HKG. Deng Xiaoping brought China out of the darkness and isolation together with an agreement to retain HKG's autonomy, and Xi has taken them straight back into the darkness and isolation plus included HKG!
            I wonder if married couples visiting Indonesia in future will need to take their certificate of marriage! If you are married to anyone of the same sex, homosexuality is illegal in Indonesia. Interesting days for some.

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