Dec.18 - Jean Todt's son has sniggered at suggestions he is in charge at Ferrari.

Nicolas Todt, the son of former Ferrari boss and now FIA president Jean Todt, is Charles Leclerc's manager.

So with Sebastian Vettel departing the Maranello team and Leclerc clearly the number 1 going forwards, some believe the Todts have simply aced the situation at Ferrari from a political point of view.

"It's funny," Nicolas told Corriere della Sera newspaper when asked about that.

"It makes me smile. I have known Mattia Binotto since 1995, and I defend the interests of Charles, and it happens to coincide with the interests of Ferrari. We are doing one thing," he said.

Nicolas also denied that he got into his position only because his father is the former Ferrari boss.

"That is also nonsense," he said. "Those people forget that I was involved with Felipe Massa's career as well, and he was not the favourite against Alonso.

"I don't only work with Ferrari, either - I work with many drivers, and none of the teams have ever complained."

Finally, Nicolas Todt says he and his father rarely talk about Formula 1.

"Very little," he said. "I rarely ask him for advice, but if I do, it's because I need the advice of my father."

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