Dec.18 - Formula 1 should "analyse" why Fernando Alonso's 2005-spec Renault aroused so much positive feedback when the Spaniard demonstrated it in Abu Dhabi last weekend.

Over several runs, the two-time world champion drove the 15-year-old, V10-powered, 605 kilogram car flat-out around the Yas Marina layout, to the delight of those present and the television audience.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff admits that the interest was not just because of the novelty.

"We need to analyse the reasons that make that car so attractive to the public," he is quoted by AS newspaper. "Why does it look so good, and then understand what can be done about it.

"There is always something to learn."

Others in the paddock back Wolff's suspicion that Formula 1 may have gone off the ideal path in the last decade and a half.

"This Renault is a relic," said the Austrian. "It's a car from a time when polluting emissions did not matter and neither did electric mobility.

"Now we are in another era and that means we have to make concessions, although it is undeniable that the R25 is spectacular," Wolff added, referring to the car in which a then 24-year-old Alonso won his first title.

"They were smaller cars, 150 kilos lighter and with a howling engine," he said. "His laptimes are slower - 4 or 5 seconds off the current ones - but on the television images it seems that he was going much faster."

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23 F1 Fan comments on “F1 should 'analyse' why 2005 car so spectacular

  1. Julian Smith

    Its a very simple answer about the attraction of the 2005 Renault. The noise! The cars look great today and are faster than ever. I have attended a number of GPs over the years and experienced V12, V10 and V8 engines and the visceral, organ vibrating, physical impact the noise of those engines had as they passed. It is spine tingling, deafening and made you realize how far they pushed the engineering and guaranteed to put a smile on the face. I attended last years British GP and vowed it would be my last of this hybrid era. It was barely different from the F2 race. The speed may be amazing but without the noise it is meaningless. This is what is missing from Formula E as well and why I do not see that formula attracting the same level of audience as F1. I am not saying we need to go backwards to gas guzzling, planet killing engines because this feeling could notionally be generated by a Virtual Engine Sound System augmenting the normal engine noise, hooked into the (hybrid) electrical systems. Individual manufacturers can create their own engine noises so you know a Ferrari from a Mercedes but mostly it needs to be LOUD so that the cars are not only seen but can also be felt by your whole body!

    • Thomas

      You can't get the v10 sound out of a v6 and thats a fact!!! The only Thing ve need in f1 is some of the old car and most importen the 2004 - 2005 engins back or they add 4 cylinders to the engine they have today! And then remove that bullshit batteri charting system it ruins the race,and that they tanke the cars 2- 3 times in the race and then Kevin kmag magnussen in a car in one of the top thems then han get a chans to shov whot he can, the skilleshe has, and that if he has a top 3 car he vill win races!!! And shov how talentet he is! I know why werstapen was not interested in having Kevin as a them mate thas because kmag vill run out of his life., and then Max would not be the star driver i redbull anymore!!!

    • GCarroll

      The FIA and their ridiculous formula hybrid cars, they are responsible! F1 rules! F1was never about how many miles a gallon a race car gets until some idiot at the FIA rules committee dreamed it up! I long for the 3.0 liter cars that Revved past 20,000 rpm it was visceral now that they are turbo charged they are much quieter the turbo acts like a muffler!

  2. Edward Seaton

    You did not have to make concessions, Toto. You chose to make concessions.

    I would pay a lot of money to watch 2005 cars race again.

    You would have to pay me to watch the current vacuum cleaners.


    Your fault.

  3. G Carroll

    Wouldn’t it be great if the F1 owners and constructors gave the FIA the finger and came up with a no holds barred open wheel series that would epic! as for the FIA they can go spit

  4. MikeJoseph

    Analyze what? It has a freaking V10 monster under the bonnet/engine cover/ whatever, not to mention they looked great! There you go, I hope the F1 geniuses realise it now. You're welcome!

  5. Chris

    If the amount of air a consideration in anything today, the world has to go back to the stone age. A V10 in F1 is not going to make any difference to that so stop this hypocrisy and bring back the V10s now.


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