Aug.5 - Charles Leclerc is "under a lot of pressure" because of Ferrari's struggles with reliability and strategy blunders so far in 2022.

That is the view of Mark Webber, who currently finds himself at the centre of Formula 1's 'silly season' as manager of Alpine refugee Oscar Piastri.

While his fellow Australian is linked with McLaren and up to three other teams for 2023, the latest rumour is that he may in fact be signed up by Dr Helmut Marko's Red Bull driver program.

Alpine in no hurry to rule out 2022 Latifi-Piastri swap

Oscar Piastri

As a former Red Bull driver, Webber's links with Marko may become instrumental - with the 45-year-old also closely linked with Red Bull's likely 2026 engine partner Porsche.

"No, no, that's much too far away," Webber answered when asked if he might become involved in the Red Bull-Porsche contract.

"Definitely not," he laughed when pressed again for an early announcement.

Webber is happier to comment on Red Bull's fight for the 2022 world championship, as he marvels that Leclerc is a whopping 80 points behind Max Verstappen.

"Ferrari is incredibly fast. The potential for performance is beyond doubt - it's enormous," he told Speed Week.

"But the strategy and the reliability are very frustrating now. If you lose points because of those types of problems, as a driver you want to catch up on the lost points and that usually drives you to make your own mistakes.

"If you've dropped 50 points, you're under a lot of pressure as a driver."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Mark Webber plays down latest Red Bull-Porsche link

  1. Les

    About time RIC got the boot.He ran away from a fight with Max because he got beaten and couldn't claim he was the best even though he kept talking himself up. He is being paid a lot of money and not performing , and not bringing in many points for the team which is costing them a lot in revenue share. He only won 6 out of his 8 wins because both Mercedes cars had problems.He didn't win them on merit.
    You can't be paying somebody so much money to drive your car based on past events or because he grins and charms journalists, and they don't deliver.
    If he was up there with Lando they couldn't legitimately replace him but with the amount of money involved you have to perform or you're out.

    • smokey

      Have you lost the plot?
      There is no mention of RIC in this story. It's a story about Mark Webber, Oscar Piastri, Ferrari's woes and the Red Bull - Porsche proposal. Daniel does not get any mention!
      If you want to have a disparaging rant about RIC, do it on the correct story.

  2. Les

    Reply to Smokey.
    I'll post it where I like thanks.I don't take any notice of you.
    What is happening with RIC and PIASTRI is the biggest story related to WEBBER.
    It is not disparaging it is factual. RIC is past it.


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