Sep.2 - Charles Leclerc thinks Formula 1 needs to re-think the way drivers simply throw unwanted helmet visor strips out of the cockpit during grands prix.

The Ferrari driver had to stop for an unscheduled pitstop at Spa-Francorchamps last Sunday after a plastic tear-off thrown out of the cockpit by championship rival Max Verstappen got stuck in his Ferrari's brake duct.

"You're always scared that it happens, especially when you're in the pack because at a track like Spa, you are taking them off very quickly," Max said.

"It is your worst nightmare that these things happen but yeah, unfortunately they do happen."

When asked about it at Zandvoort, Leclerc made clear that he is "of course not angry" at Verstappen for the incident.

"Of course it is not the fault of the drivers," he said.

"But we could come up with something to store the strips in the car. I think someone was losing oil so no one could see through their visors and I could see them flying everywhere, but as a driver you can't do anything about it."

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18 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc not angry at Verstappen after last weeks tear-off incident

  1. Scrotie Mcboogerballs

    Its an interesting issue. I have see more than one race were a tear off has been sucked into the intake of another car. Not sure why the drivers couldn't just put the tear off in the cockpit?

  2. Gary Van Liew

    How do they know the tear off came from Max Verstappen? Are the tear offs marked by team or something or is there video of Max's tear off actually flying into there Ferrari?

    • CanadianEh

      Under Rule 1337, Paragrph 9, Sub-Paragraph 22, Sub-sub-Paragraphs 1 through 18: "All transparent appliques applied to a driver's helmet visor used to remove accrued debri or fluids deposited thereon shall: be applied in no more than 10 layers per race; be sequentially numbered using the assigned parent number associated with a specific driver; their use shall be documented using form FIA 1855-1, Rev B in triplicate; said form shall be submitted to the Race Director for auditing purposes immediately following the completion of the race or retirement from the race by a driver, except in the case of an injury preventing timely delivery, in which case the person authorized to do so at Rule 2589, Paragrph 3, Sub-Paragraph 17 shall do so in a timely manner.

      Rule 1337, Paragrph 9, Sub-Paragraph 23 states: Any visor applique removed from the visor during the course of the race must not be discarded overboard during the race. Failure to maintain control over the removed visor applique and subsequent ingestion into brake or intake ducts of a competitors vehicle shall result in: One Offence = 5 second penalty; Second offence = 10 second penalty; third offence = disqualification from race; fourth offence = suspension of Super License for a period of time not to exceed 30 days.

  3. Darrell Benner

    As a Formula car driver myself I can tell you anything like a tear off can’t be stored in the cockpit after removal because Anything loose is Instantly sucked out by the air stream.
    Many dirt track and off road drivers use a motorized scrolling shield system like the ones used on In Car TV cameras. If those can be made to FIA satisfaction it would help.

  4. Shroppyfly

    Why have tears offs anyway? Starter for 10 , when we're they first introduced ? And Why? Safety one presumes? which considering the nonsoon spray they consider safe to drive though at 150mph+ doesn't really seem to add up?
    If it hasn't already been mentioned by our Oracle of Rules Ror, I'm sure he'll confirm it's actually against the sporting regs to disguard a tearoff, but heh another unenforceable fia rule, my old mate Masi would have enforced it, stickler for rules him

  5. CanadianEh

    Why not make them edible, and introduce a rule requiring drivers to eat the rip-offs. They could have different flavors like Maple Walnut, or Orange Sorbet. Problem solved.

  6. Gary Van Liew

    Thank you to CanadianEH for posting the rules regarding tear-offs. I never would have thought that F-1 would put serial numbers on tear offs and post a rule as to how many can be used. I would agree that the roll-off tear offs mounted on the helmet may be the answer if F-1 really thinks this is an issue. To answer why tear off are even needed they clear your vision of the rubber, oil, fuel and bugs that accumulate during a race in your direct vision.

  7. shroppyfly

    As when they were introduced in f1, i couldn't find a date when i posted at 00 44 post, hell , just noticed 44 the Dames number, that's not a good oman lol, Gary my question asto why, was with sarcasm , we all know why, same with the monsoon racing, cant the fia make the teams fit wipers.... more sarcasm im afraid, dont seem to remember watching Msc doing his goat stuff with tears offs, in Vettels wdc yrs maybe ?


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