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Lauda: 2018 engine rule change 'a mistake'

Formula One - MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, Italian GP 2016. Niki Lauda;
Niki Lauda
Non-Executive Chairman

Sep.14 - Mercedes has now backed Red Bull in pushing for a change to the engine rules for 2018.

Earlier, with swathes of penalties raining confusion over the order of the grids at recent races, Red Bull's Christian Horner argued for a change for next year.

In 2018, drivers are scheduled to make do with just 3 engines for the whole season rather than the current four, but Horner argues for the status quo.

Mercedes team chairman Lauda agrees that the scheduled change from 4 to 3 engines is "a mistake by the strategy group".

"Everyone said that the engines could only be cheaper for customers if we build less," he told Auto Motor und Sport.

"But we have known for a long time now that nothing will be saved with the 3 engines," Lauda added. "Because the development on the test stands actually costs more."

Another major controversy surrounds how the FIA penalises the drivers after their allocation of engines is exhausted for the season.

Even F1 chief executive Chase Carey admits that the grid penalty confusion is not ideal.

"The penalty structure clearly has gotten to a place that nobody says is functioning the way we like," he is quoted by AFP news agency in Singapore.

"Then we had the better part or half the grid with some sort of penalty that nobody could understand at Monza.

"Technology is an important part of it but you don't want it to be a sport about engineering first and foremost," Carey added. "You want it to be a sport about drivers and great competition that utilises state of the art competition."

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2 thoughts on “Lauda: 2018 engine rule change 'a mistake'

  1. Frank Glover

    Won't be watching next year for the first time in 40 years. The halo contraption is ridiculous. No one wants to see anybody get hurt but the underlying attraction to motor/motorcycle racing is that it is dangerous, otherwise why compete? The tarmac car park run off areas negate any penalty to go off track and anywhere thre is a fast corner there a bloody chicane. To stop you going too fast! Thats what brakes are for! Too safe and too quiet for me I'm afraid.

  2. RikDi

    I find it hard to believe that after all of these years of having the constructors dictate what happens and who wins that suddenly F1 wants an Indycar style of competition with the result impacted more by the drivers than the builders but, if that is what Mr. Carey wants he is the person who can make it happen.
    I,however , may not see that even if it happens as I have ,similar to Mr. Glover thought that I might not watch the circuit next year and may even skip the remainder of this season ( after also watching for decades) but not because of the lack of danger but, for two (2) other reasons :
    1, the lack of competition as since F1 introduced the hybrid PU ( that it is said Mercedes worked on for more than a decade before bringing the idea to F1) and through which Mercedes has dominated to the point of creating boredom for many fans and :
    2, the complete absence of integrity when it come to officiating . By that I mean : different rules for different drivers and teams.
    The sine qua non of true sport is equality : everyone plays by the same rules so we can all clearly see who did the best but, in F1 the stewards 1st look at WHO was driving and what TEAM was involved before they make a ruling . I cannot view that as sport ,it is exhibition at best.
    When Verstappen cut off Raikonnen at 200mph at Spa is was OK just like when he double moved and blocked Raikonnen and took off his wing the stewards say nothing is wrong ,its a "racing incident "but, when Magnussen touches another car he gets a penalty .
    Its clear why : F1 wants Verstappen to be its new star so Verstappen does whatever he wants with impunity but, F1 does not really want an American team so when a Haas driver even touches another car its a penalty .
    We have all seen it over an over and with other favored drivers and teams and if you are being honest you will admit it has happened many times so...
    I might join Mr. Glover or he might be joining me as I may start sooner .
    If mr. Carey really wants " competition" I suggest he start mandating it and equal competition at that for there is really no other kind but, Liberty has had control for the majority of a season and so far its what Peter Townsend what have described as " meeting the new boss ,same as the old boss.


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