Oct.20 - Nicholas Latifi looks set to keep his racing career alive in the top American open wheeler series Indycar.

Williams is yet to announce the 27-year-old Canadian's 2023 replacement, but insiders expect it is a head-to-head between Mick Schumacher and Logan Sargeant.

American Sargeant, 21, is Williams' most prominent development driver who will make his Friday practice debut for the Grove-based team in Austin.

Latifi looks set to move from F1 to Indycar series next year

Logan Sargeant (USA) Williams Racing Academy Driver

The famous team is now owned by New York-based private investment company Dorilton Capital, with Williams is celebrating its new American identity with a US-themed livery.

Williams boss Jost Capito admits Latifi simply didn't live up to expectations.

"Nicky drove for Williams three years now and we agreed the objectives - the kind of performance that had to be achieved throughout the year.

"I think Nicky wasn't happy with not achieving these objectives and the team neither. So on both sides, it is time for a change for both."

The change for Latifi will occur outside of Formula 1, as rumours suggest he will replace the well-known driver Jimmie Johnson at Chip Ganassi's Indycar team from 2023.

Latifi is not ready to announce any deal.

"I don't really have much detail to give you," he said. "I've definitely been exploring all the options, let's say.

"I was always asked 'What if F1 doesn't work out' and I was always kind of 'I'll cross that bridge when I get to it'.

"Obviously that bridge has come this year, a few weeks ago. So I'm in the process of just kind of evaluating all the options really."

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12 F1 Fan comments on “Latifi looks set to move from F1 to Indycar series next year

    • ReallyOldRacer

      No question, $$$ talk, but I doubt that LAT will have any better success in the US series. Seems like a nice guy, has $$$, so let him have his fun but don't expect much.

  1. smokey

    IMO, following his F2 season success, Sargeant has earned the opportunity to compete in F1.
    Nicky can take the route to play at Indycar often followed by those who could not make it in F1, with the exception of Our Nige!

      • smokey

        Yeah, you are correct once again! I think Nige was the standout, to win both championships.
        To go back, there have been some noteworthy drivers, including Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti, Montoya, Fittipaldi, Teo Fabi, Villeneuve and not forgetting Hill and Clark for their significant wins in the Indy 500.
        There have been others, however, IMO those are the best achievers in both F1 and Indycar / CART.


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