Apr.21 - Lewis Hamilton's former Mercedes teammate has slammed the seven time world champion for rolling out constant excuses about his 2024 troubles.

Hamilton went into the Chinese GP lambasting critics who "talk sh*t" about him - but he then impressed by being P2 in both sprint qualifying and Saturday's short race.

However, by Saturday afternoon for the real qualifying session, he had slumped to a woeful P18 - and quickly blamed an experimental car setup.

"We have to (do that) at the moment," said the 39-year-old.

"In this sprint, George (Russell) and I had very similar cars, but then we tried to experiment - I'm one way, he's the other."

Speaking to Sky Deutschland in Shanghai, Hamilton's former teammate and nemesis, Nico Rosberg, suspected the British driver was rolling out a cheap excuse.

"Lewis is 1-4 behind Russell in qualifying this year, and every time he says it's the setup. To me that's an excuse. Clearly he made a mistake - one that shouldn't happen to a seven-time time world champion."

Russell seemed to back Rosberg's suspicion of mere excuse-making, contradicting the claim by Hamilton that their setups were "massively" different in qualifying.

"We both went in the same direction," Russell said. "There's only a slight difference. We both changed our setups a lot after the sprint, but in the same direction."

Rosberg thinks Hamilton is in "a difficult phase" right now, as some are questioning whether Ferrari has made the right choice in ousting the on-form Carlos Sainz for 2025.

"He's also only half a part of the Mercedes family now," the German said. "At some point, Toto (Wolff) will be saying he's not allowed to look at the data anymore."

Former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos thinks the situation is even "embarrassing" for Hamilton and Mercedes, while Ziggo Sport commentator Olav Mol said: "The difference between Russell and Hamilton is far too big.

"You don't often see them in a pair like at Red Bull or McLaren."

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One F1 fan comment on “Hamilton's Qualifying Woes: Rosberg Calls Out "Constant Excuses"

  1. shroppyfly

    Nico is spot on , Do we hear King George whining, complaining,. being supported by Torger , no do we feck,, every race its excuse after excuse after excuse, the mistake in the sprint race, the mistake in race quali, and where was King G , just patiently getting on with him job , to drum another humiliating defeat in the team mate stakes, for journalists its heaven , building up to a proper media drumming for the exexexexex wdc, nice one Fred what a smart signing for 25, who ever thinks Lala wont whine like a baby at Ferrari is kidding themselves, im sick of the Dame, he should have gone a long time ago , and whose firing all the bullets Nico oh Nicooooo


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