Lewis Hamilton has warned Mercedes that he risks not winning the 2019 world championship.

The Briton's championship lead is actually huge -- 96 points on Charles Leclerc and 102 to Sebastian Vettel.

"That's four race wins," said Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. "We cannot allows ourselves to be so stupid that we mess up that advantage."

But there are six races left, and Ferrari has won the last three on the trot.

"We have got to be doing a better job," Hamilton warned. "We did such a great job at the beginning of the year but I am under no illusion that my gap in the championship could disappear. We need to pull our socks up and get the f*ck on basically."

Ferrari shocked the F1 world by winning in Singapore, as it is not a low-downforce, high speed circuit like Spa and Monza, where Charles Leclerc won back to back.

"Sochi could be the next Ferrari circuit," said Hamilton's teammate Valtteri Bottas.

The Italian press is also more than surprised.

"Ugly duckling to spaceship in three weeks? Is the third win in a row a miracle?" wondered La Repubblica newspaper.

Corriere dello Sport declared: "Ferrari is back."

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22 F1 Fan comments on “Hamilton warns he could lose 2019 title

  1. Simon Saivil

    Hamilton warns he could lose 2019 title

    Yet another variation on the theme by Toto and Lewis: Ferrari are faster than us.

    One cursory look at the numbers is enough to convince one that this is just about impossible.
    What is possible, however, is that he wins the championship but Ferrari drivers grab 2nd and 3rd. And that would pretty much expose Mercedes racket of running one driver enterprise under the guise of a two men team.

    Throwing Bottas under the bus won't be the first time they have done it.

    • david merrington

      Well i think Ferrari know what they are doing in F1 i think they will give Vettal 1 more year . But i know that dont cheat . Mc clarion did cheet trying to use their windtunnel they had to pay millions in fines to Ferrari . Getting to Vettal he as had a long run with no 1 driver so as i say Ferrari know more then you or me. But if thay left F1 thay will be no F1 thay have a strong following all over the world my frend

  2. david merrington

    Good hope ferrari will win this year the less i see of that big baby the better hope some remarks can understands my remarks as they are the same are big babys same as Hamilton

  3. mario melo

    The Hamilton's sixth title is safe because Binotto doesn' t want win it or fight if he was clever than he is he does not forced Leclerc to hold ahead of Vettel in race, it is not the first time . Blame to him he must give wings when has in his side a young talented driver with streght to win ande he chose to put someone who is a dead weight in the team . Blame to you Mrs Binotto.

    • Simon Saivil

      What you are proposing is that Ferrari do exactly what Mercedes does: put all their money on Leclerc and subordinate Vettel to a strictly supporting role.

      On the face of it that is plausible, but it makes no sense if you look at Vettel's tenure with Ferrari.

  4. Amaya locks

    Hamilton should stop warning people, the heats been turned up, and wait minute Hamilton cannot handle this kind of pressure. serve's team Mercedes right for taking the Mickey out of Valtteri Bottas, yet again slow down at Singapore so you don't catch Hamilton up. you say Toto that your a "TEAM" then in that case let Hamilton score his own points, instead of Valtteri keep helping him. let Valtteri get some big points. Sounds like Hamilton is setting thing's up again; if he cannot get on the podium in Russia. good luck Valtteri Bottas.

  5. ok then

    Couple of points, this was hardly a warning to individuals (read the statement not the headline) and as to 'cannot handle pressure', really 61 points clear, winner of 5 WDCs and 81 race wins.
    Next time lets hope none, let alone 3, safety cars affect the result!

  6. F1dad

    Hamilton got this year in the bag. Even if Ferrari would put their eggs in the Charles basket with Vettel 2nd in every race and Max third. Hamilton finished 4th, he will win by 18 points. Massive step to late I am afraid. Wish they had sorted it out sooner

  7. Amaya locks

    Hamilton only as so many points because Valtteri Bottas as been made to help him. he cannot handle pressure, he only gets on the podium by being out front all the time, and Valtteri had to 've told again to slow down, so he dose not catch Hamilton up. i.e. Singapore. and many other tracks too.

  8. Jadra

    After having read all the comments on the subject we can see how the chess F1 game is developing and I know it is nearly impossible to implement strategic maneuvers to dislodge the king in the game unless he is hit by some misfortune to stop him scoring any points at all. Other players will just have to score more points than Bottas and competition will be very fierce for the second place.Hamilton just want to make a point that he expects the team to make improvements and put him back into the car that will match the Ferraris for the rest of the season.

    • Simon Saivil

      The fix is in. Hamilton may as well be declared a Champion now.
      Provided the winners of the remaining 5 races were various (Bottas, Vettel, Leclerc, Verstappen) Hamilton will walk away with Championship without setting a foot on the podium for the rest of the season.

      Which illustrates futility of fans' passion. The event is choreographed to perfection. Some less charitable would call it rigged. Just imagine: not on the podium for the last 5 races but still a Champion.

      Lewis's mind is on the title, not on driving. Anybody can tell that.

  9. david merrington

    Ferrari know more then you will never know Hamilton is worried he may lose that's the reason he is blaming Mercedes AMG the team . your just assuming he is growing to win every race last week he gave it all to pass young Max .you are just like i big baby like Hamilton get euset to it pal

  10. Pam

    Hammer will rise and win this year- 6 x world cham- well deserved!! He should be given an honour so we need to refer to him as Sir Lewis.

    Next step is to keep the pressure on the red team- keep bringing home points and then equal Suchmaker in 2020- Hamilton will definately win this year and I pray next year.

    All you doubters will be proved wrong!!!!

  11. Simon Saivil

    Hamilton warns he could lose 2019 title

    Hamilton is best qualified to make his fears come true!
    Let him call in sick, not drive the rest of the season and he'll have made it.

  12. PJT

    I think it is a case of... "Be careful for what you wish for!"
    How many articles has he allegedly commented that he relishes closer racing with RB & Ferrari, now he has got it and not winning is he now regretting saying that, hence now the above headline?

    Caveat - "All F1 journalistic headlines/comments to be taken with a pinch of salt!" :-)


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