Jun.21 - The legendary Formula 1 circuit at Spa-Francorchamps is tipped to be missing from the 2023 calendar.

On the sidelines in Montreal last weekend, team bosses heard F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali's news that the schedule could be set to grow yet again - to a record 24 races next year.

"It's not a big difference between 24 or 23 or 22," said Alfa Romeo team boss Frederic Vasseur.

A full 16 of those 24 races, however, are said to be set aside for grands prix outside of Europe, as Formula 1 mines new markets in the US and even Africa.

However, the famous Belgian GP venue at Spa could be missing, as the promoters are yet to agree a new deal with Formula 1 despite significant upgrades around the fabled Eau Rouge section.

AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost, however, has no time for sentimentality.

"It's totally easy," said the Austrian. "No money, no game.

"If they have the money, we go there. If we don't have the money, we don't go there."

According to the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper, the first published draft of the 2023 calendar is not expected until the end of the summer.

Correspondent Jo Bossuyt added: "But the plans are slowly becoming clearer, and they don't look good for Spa-Francorchamps."

Bossuyt said Spa's axe sounded even more likely following a meeting of F1 team bosses in Montreal on Saturday afternoon, during which the 2023 calendar was discussed.

"There are only 8 places on the calendar for European circuits, and Silverstone, Budapest, Spain, Imola, Zandvoort and Monza all have contracts for 2023," the journalist added.

"Negotiations are still underway with Monaco, and Austria will certainly be fine as the circuit is owned by Red Bull. That means the eight European dates are already filled."

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9 F1 Fan comments on “F1 set to drop legendary Spa-Francorchamps track next season?

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Correct, not happy with these senseless rumours. But the following quote from yet another Austrian says it all.

      AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost, however, has no time for sentimentality.

      "It's totally easy," said the Austrian. "No money, no game."

      After 57 years of fealty, here is my promise to F1 idiocy, Monaco and Spa gone, so am I. Forget about sentimentality, it's about historical anchors and the absolute best track ever. Go find some 20 yr olds with the money to attend your races and 6-8 hrs on a weekend watching your spectacles. You dumbass jerkwads. Dead to me.

  1. Pete standing

    The finest Grand Prix circuit in the World they have just spent 80 million euros on circuit upgraded what more can they do, F1 and Liberty shame on you

  2. Willem klinker

    S(H)ame old thing. The reason why people loved F1 for decades, individually made-up tracks. Driven by normal people. Now money is more important and only if it brings a return to the stake holders they don't give a smelly about tradition. As long as you are political correct.

  3. smokey

    Spa is one of the world's greatest tests of car and driver. The drivers love to race at Spa and motor racing fans around the globe love to watch the F1 races there. To sacrifice Spa to satisfy the greed of Liberty would be step too far for me.
    F1 cars have long outgrown mundane Monaco, so racing there is very bland, quite the opposite of spicey Spa! However, I guess that thanks to the "celebrity" wankers, Monaco will continue for the wankers as a place to be seen as their interest is in neither the cars nor the actual race!


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