Jan.21 - The US GP venue in Austin has moved to eradicate serious problems with the track surface ahead of the 2022 F1 season.

Extreme bumps due to a subsiding sub-surface have been a problem for Formula 1 at the Circuit of The Americas for some years, but the world of MotoGP is even more concerned.

Franco Uncini, MotoGP's safety director, says he asked for a full resurfacing ahead of the 2022 race - with some riders reportedly threatening to boycott the event if the situation isn't vastly improved.

"They say there's no time, probably no money, I don't know," Uncini said. "Anyway, they cannot do a complete resurface."

The Circuit of The Americas has, however, just completed a partial "large-scale" resurfacing, covering the biggest problem areas between turns 2-10 and 12-16.

Additionally, organisers announced that a "concrete pad to reinforce the areas at Turns 2 and 10 has been built".

A statement continued: "COTA worked with consultants to review asphalt designs and diagnose the parts of the track in need of resurfacing.

"Ground penetration radar and laser mapping equipment and software was used to map the track and identify the different repairs needed.

"COTA also worked with contractors to ensure the new asphalt and concrete foundations were even and flush, creating an ideal track for upcoming races and events."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “COTA eases bumps with partial track resurfacing

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Yeah, they found Bubba the Slurry Czar partying on 6th Street and gave him a free track day to throw some black goop in the corners. Of course, they had the $$$ to upgrade the concert stage.

  2. Zach Stone

    Shameful!! Epstein has a number of investors in the ownership of COTA. They say they do not have the time or funds to do the job right? I live here in Austin and I hate seeing the track allowed to deteriorate without doing the work to fully rebuild it. The last I heard, COTA does not have a new contract with F1. They should have forced him to do it the right way.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Spot on. Zach. Since the nefarious ousting of Tavo Hellmund the McCombs/Epstein team's only focus has been making $$$. They did not, and do not, have any real interest in motor racing. Contrast that with Penske. He is a taskmaster and certainly knows how to make money, but he has always shown the utmost respect for our sport.


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