Jun.23 - Audi is already focused on preparing for its works Formula 1 foray for 2026, according to Sauberf team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi.

The Volkswagen-owned German marque, which will team up with the Swiss outfit currently known as Alfa Romeo for the new 2026 engine rules, has this week signed its first F1 driver.

He is Swiss 39-year-old Neel Jani, a former Red Bull-backed junior and F1 test driver who was most recently aligned with another VW-owned carmaker - Porsche.

Jani will help Audi test its 2026 F1 engine in the simulator.

Sauber's team representative Bravi says Audi is already working hard on the power unit the works Audi entry will use in 2026.

"We are working thinking about the present and the future," he told El Mundo Deportivo. "The future is built now."

He says Sauber is also making plans for 2026 whilst also racing as Alfa Romeo in 2023.

"We cannot think of being competitive in 2026 if we are not capable of doing an optimal job and improving as a team during these years," said the Italian.

"At the same time Audi is concentrating on the engine project," Bravi added. "There is no interference and we are both working on our main focus - us on the car and Audi on the engine."

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14 F1 Fan comments on “Audi revs up for 2026 F1 debut: Signs first driver and tests engine

  1. CanadianEh

    I hope Audi does for Formula 1, what they did for Group "B" rallying. Blow it out of the fuc_ing water. But tht is a fantasy - there is no doubt that the FIA will choke any initiative or innovation that Audi (or any other team for that matter) dares to bring to the table.

    Back in the 20th century, there weren't budget caps or endless reams of regulations. The "Works" teams were ALWAYS going to be the fastest.

    Privateer's like Tyrell showed up with screaming Cosworth power-plants, six-wheeled chassis and God-like drivers.

    Now, I get the safety regs are a good thing to keep - but the rest of it - the extraneous bullshit the FIA boffin's just looove - ditch it. Let's get back to racing, and innovating and doing what F1 ought to do.

    Enough of the Participation Medal Mindset, already.

  2. shroppyfly

    Would we be less a fan of F1 if no OEMS were involved, no i don't think we would, Williams Renault, Mcl Honda, Brabham BMW, Jordan Yamaha- ok bad example lol

    BUT we are where we are, and I have Schnitzel fever big time

      • shroppyfly

        No , i get it, Honda have had plenty of advertising from Rb, in 26 Rb will still be independant, just the engine dept partnered with Ford, I did expect Honda to go full partnership with Rb , but due to them being so well financed they could be picky about partners i suppose, unlike days gone by now the budget caps there , financially all the teams have the budget so no desperation to sell up, like Sauber --BMW, did you see that about AM road cars buying the batteries from an American firm to power them, so that gets them out of the Merc engine supplies and no conflict with AMF1 and Honda


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