2026 F1 season

Red Bull’s Ambitious Engine Plans: Powering Up to 8 F1 Cars Post-2026

Sep.13 – Christian Horner says it’s possible up to eight cars could eventually be powered by Red Bull-Ford’s own Formula..

13 Sep 2023

Mercedes’ Toto Wolff Accused of Political Manoeuvring in F1 Meetings?

Sep.12 – An unnamed Formula 1 boss has accused Mercedes team principal and co-owner Toto Wolff of “political..

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12 Sep 2023

Monza’s Historic F1 Grand Prix at Risk: Political Action Needed for Future

Sep.4 – Governments must intervene to rescue the embattled and historic Italian GP at Monza. Although he’s Italian, F1 CEO..

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4 Sep 2023

Revving Up for Change: Alfa Romeo’s Shift to Audi in F1 2026

Sep.3 – Sauber is already working hard to prepare for Audi’s full works project in Formula 1. The Swiss team is currently..

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3 Sep 2023

F1 Racing Beyond 2023: Zhou’s Drive for a Sauber Long Haul

Aug.23 – Guanyu Zhou sounds confident about his looming contract negotiations with Sauber, the Swiss team currently called Alfa..

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23 Aug 2023

Will Carlos Sainz Join Audi in 2026?

Jul.7 – In the middle of a tumultuous Ferrari season, and with no contract lined up past 2024, rumors have been flying about Carlos..

26 Jul 2023

Engines Roar, Caps Soar: F1 Braces for Game-Changing Discussions

Jul.24 – Budget caps and struggling engines will be on the agenda at the next meeting of the F1 Commission. Auto Motor und Sport..

24 Jul 2023

F1’s 2026 Vision: Sustainable Speed or Battery Burdened Races?

Jul.21 – F1’s authorities say they remain determined to push on with the current plans for the all-new cars for 2026 and..

21 Jul 2023

Albon’s Future in F1: Williams’ Key Asset or Ferrari’s Surprise Move?

Jul.19 – Alex Albon looks set to remain at Williams, despite rumours linking him with a potential return to a top Formula 1 team...

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19 Jul 2023

Sauber’s F1 slump: Can Alfa Romeo rebound before Audi’s takeover in 2026?

Jul.18 – Sauber has entered a clear slump as the Swiss team prepares to be taken over by Audi in 2026. Actually, things are not even..

18 Jul 2023

Red Bull’s Horner Raises Concerns: Is the 2026 F1 Car a ‘Frankenstein’?

Jul.14 – Renault-owned Alpine has joined Mercedes in publicly backing Formula 1’s controversial engine rules for 2026...

14 Jul 2023

Honda’s comeback: Boosting influence on and off the F1 track

Jul.7 – Honda would like talks with Formula 1 to boost the influence of the engine manufacturers. The Japanese marque initially..

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7 Jul 2023

Horner and Wolff Engage in Fiery Spat Over 2026 F1 Regulations

Jul.6 – Christian Horner has hit back at his Formula 1 nemesis Toto Wolff over a dispute concerning the all-new 2026 regulations...

6 Jul 2023

2026 F1 regulations: Wolff rejects reverse gear and defends innovation

Jul.4 – Toto Wolff says there is “zero chance” Formula 1 will hit reverse gear on the all-new regulations for 2026. In..

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4 Jul 2023

Hopes for German GP return soar as Audi’s F1 future hangs in balance

Jun.30 – Audi’s Formula 1 preparations for 2026 have been dealt a potential blow. Volkswagen, the German carmaker’s..

30 Jun 2023

Billion-Dollar F1 teams: From Williams to Alpine, the price of success

Jun.27 – Formula 1 teams are reportedly worth at least a billion dollars each – even back-of-the-grid Williams. On Monday,..

27 Jun 2023

Old school engine noise will return in 2026 according F1 CEO

Jun.26 – Formula 1 will turn up the engine volume with the new regulations from 2026, the sport’s CEO has announced. Seven time..

26 Jun 2023

Midfield F1 teams rally for budget cap overhaul to bridge infrastructure gap

Jun.23 – Midfield and lower-level Formula 1 teams are pushing for changes in the budget cap system to enable them to catch up in..

23 Jun 2023

Audi revs up for 2026 F1 debut: Signs first driver and tests engine

Jun.23 – Audi is already focused on preparing for its works Formula 1 foray for 2026, according to Sauberf team representative..


Ducati’s aero advantage: How It will benefit Audi in F1

Jun.22 – The dominance of the Ducati team in MotoGP this year could ultimately flow into Audi’s works Formula 1 project for..

22 Jun 2023

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