Jun.10 - Adrian Newey could be the key to Max Verstappen's next move in Formula 1, according to former F1 driver Gerhard Berger.

Berger, once a co-owner of Red Bull's second team in F1, was asked by Bild am Sonntag if the rumours Verstappen may be eyeing an exit clause in his contract amid Red Bull's current performance and power struggle issues could be true.

"Max is certainly currently in a phase of strong consideration as to what he will do without his mentor Helmut Marko and technical guru Adrian Newey," said the former Ferrari and McLaren driver, who is famously close to Red Bull's Austrian F1 faction.

Indeed, Newey has already stepped back from most of his duties at Red Bull, while 81-year-old team consultant Marko earlier this year survived a rumoured push by Christian Horner to oust him.

Marko's future now remains clouded, with Verstappen pledging his loyalty to his mentor.

"Red Bull is certainly the best solution for Max at the moment," Berger said, "but he will go for a better solution as soon as an opportunity arises.

"If he notices that his car is starting to weaken and he sees advantages elsewhere, he will take that opportunity. He is driven by performance."

However, Berger does not think Mercedes is currently attractive enough to Verstappen - although if Newey decides to take up an offer from Toto Wolff, that could change things.

"It's a must for every team to want to get him," said Berger, referring to Newey. "If Newey were to choose Mercedes, Verstappen would be there in no time.

"Newey is an absolute genius - where he is, there is success," the 64-year-old added. "He has proven that over the last 25 years.

"But at the moment it looks like Newey will end up at Ferrari. If that happens, and I'm assuming it will, a new era of success could begin with team boss (Frederic) Vasseur, Newey, (Charles) Leclerc and (Lewis) Hamilton.

"In my opinion, this combination would be difficult for the others to beat."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Adrian Newey Central to Verstappen's F1 Decisions, Says Berger

  1. shroppyfly

    Italian and British press are the worst for hammering f1 drivers when it goes wrong, Sky Italy , he might be less in the public eye weirdly through not speaking Italian, and Charlie will step up on the Italian chit chat for sure, are you saying hell only complete 1 yr of the contract? Iyo


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