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We have frequent updates about this Dutch super talent that certainly knows how to handle a car and got very successful at a young age of 18 years old.

Red Bull’s Marko Mum Amidst Explosive F1 Rumors

Apr.4 – Dr Helmut Marko has issued a firm “no comment” to the latest wild speculation surrounding the Red Bull power..

4 Apr 2024

Drivers Press Conference 2024 Japanese F1 Grand Prix

DRIVERS – Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Yuki Tsunoda (Racing Bulls), Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing), Alexander Albon (Williams), George..

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3 Bold Predictions For the F1 2025 Season

Formula One never disappoints. Even when the action on the track isn’t as competitive as it could or should be, there’s always some..

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3 Apr 2024

Marko Says Verstappen’s Skiing Adventure Boosts Team Morale

Apr.3 – Dr Helmut Marko insists he has “no worries” about a recurrence of the brake problem that led to Max..


Brembo’s Denial Fuels Speculation: What Really Caused Verstappen’s DNF?

Mar.27 – Intrigue surrounding Max Verstappen’s first technical DNF for a full two years is only swelling, after he retired..

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27 Mar 2024

Verstappen Out? Alonso In? ‘New’ Talks Spark F1 Rumor Mill

Mar.26 – “Completely new rumours” involving Fernando Alonso and Red Bull have begun to circulate among Formula 1..

26 Mar 2024

Sainz Stuns in Melbourne: Can Ferrari Sustain Red Bull Challenge?

Mar.25 – Carlos Sainz won the Australian GP, but the jury is out as to whether Ferrari can now mount a sustained attack on Red..

25 Mar 2024

Albon’s Melbourne Mayhem: Williams Faces Heat Over Chassis Debacle

Mar.24 – Williams is still taking fire for its lack of preparation for the 2024 season. Alex Albon crashed heavily in Melbourne..

24 Mar 2024

Verstappen’s Dilemma: Mercedes’ Toto Wolff Holds Patient Vigil

Mar.23 – Toto Wolff says he will keep “waiting” for Max Verstappen, as the Red Bull power struggle and Christian Horner..

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Red Bull’s Verstappen on Alert: Ferrari’s Speed Stirs Melbourne

Mar.23 – Max Verstappen may have a fight on his hands to win a third consecutive grand prix in 2024 this weekend, admitting after..

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23 Mar 2024

Could Verstappen Really Make the Move to Mercedes?

The drama of this F1 season has already been, as expected, the most dramatic of all sports – it’s known as the F1 silly season,..

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Verstappen says Red Bull Crisis is ‘Handled the Right Way’

Mar.22 – The public heat of the Red Bull unrest and obvious power struggle has cooled in Melbourne – but wild rumours continue..

22 Mar 2024

Verstappen Denies Red Bull Exit Rumors Amid Engine Concerns

Mar.22 – Max Verstappen has denied speculation that rumours about his Red Bull exit could be more about the all-new 2026 engine rules..

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How Quick is Max at The Most Frustrating Track in F1?

Formula 1 returns to Albert Park circuit, the home of the 2024 Australian Grand Prix, a track that has been on the calendar since 1996...

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21 Mar 2024

Horner Fallout: Aston Martin Eyes Aramco Deal Amid Red Bull Chaos

Mar.20 – Rumours are emerging that Aston Martin’s main F1 sponsor, Saudi Arabian state-owned oil company Aramco, is shaping up..

20 Mar 2024

Verstappen’s Reign: Is Anyone Able to Break the Streak?

Mar.19 – Long-time Spanish F1 commentator Antonio Lobato doubts Max Verstappen will win every single grand prix this season. Red Bull..

19 Mar 2024

FE CEO Says Verstappen’s Reign Will Threaten F1’s Fanbase

Mar.18 – Formula 1 fans may begin to “disappear” in the face of Max Verstappen’s ongoing and overwhelming..

18 Mar 2024

Verstappen’s Father Demands Serenity at Red Bull Amid Turmoil

Mar.18 – Jos Verstappen wants “peace” and “calm” restored behind the scenes at Red Bull because his son Max..


Red Bull Exodus? Wolff Eyes Verstappen, Marko, Newey for Mercedes

Mar.14 – Toto Wolff is not ruling out a scenario in which Max Verstappen, Dr Helmut Marko and even Adrian Newey all switch from Red..

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14 Mar 2024

Alonso’s Next Move: A Respectful Timetable Amidst Mercedes Speculations

Mar.14 – Fernando Alonso says he will not leave Aston Martin hanging for too long as he decides and negotiates his next move in..

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