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We have frequent updates about this Dutch super talent that certainly knows how to handle a car and got very successful at a young age of 18 years old.

Verstappen sets early pace as F1 pre-season testing kicks off

Event: 2023 Pre-Season F1 testing Track: Bahrain International Circuit Formula 1 teams have kicked off their pre-season testing in Bahrain..

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23 Feb 2023

Red Bull faces stronger competition in 2023 F1 season?

Feb.22 – Dr Helmut Marko is confident Red Bull will be able to defend Max Verstappen’s back-to-back titles in 2023. The energy..

22 Feb 2023

Why Nyck de Vries should avoid comparing himself to Verstappen?

Feb.22 – Nyck de Vries should be careful not to compare himself with fellow Dutchman Max Verstappen in 2023. That is the warning of..

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Verstappen signs another ‘multi-million dollar’ F1 deal

Feb.21 – Max Verstappen’s new personal sponsorship with Dutch beer Heineken is a “multi-million dollar deal”,..

21 Feb 2023

World Champion Verstappen on “true image” in Drive to Survive

Feb.10 – Max Verstappen thinks Formula 1 fans will get a “true image” of his character when the latest series of..

10 Feb 2023

Who does Verstappen think will stop him winning 3 Drivers’ Championships?

Max Verstappen looks ahead to what’s in store for his 2023 season and whether the likes of George Russell, Lewis Hamilton, Charles..

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8 Feb 2023

Red Bull F1 boss Horner shuts down new Binotto rumors

Feb.7 – There is “no place” for Mattia Binotto at Red Bull, team boss Christian Horner insists. When Binotto was ousted..

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7 Feb 2023

Red Bull boss Horner calls Pérez and Verstappen ‘the best pair’ in F1

Feb.6 – Sergio Pérez has denied that Daniel Ricciardo’s new role at Red Bull is a worrying sign for his own future in Formula..

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6 Feb 2023

Verstappen expects Mercedes to be the biggest rival this 2023 F1 season

Feb.6 – Max Verstappen says it’s “hard to tell” if Red Bull’s top rivals Ferrari and Mercedes will suffer as..

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2023 Red Bull Racing F1 Season Launch

New car(?), new kit, live from New York City on February

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4 Feb 2023

Verstappen wants to do boring F1 simulator work himself

Jan.26 – World champion Max Verstappen has bad news for Red Bull’s newly-signed test driver for 2023. In a move interpreted as..

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26 Jan 2023

Marko: Verstappen’s passion for simracing does not ‘harm’ Red Bull

Jan.25 – Max Verstappen’s passion for simulator racing does not “harm” Red Bull. That is the insistence of Dr..

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25 Jan 2023

2023 racing season: Red Bull’s unstoppable edge at the top

Jan.18 – Both Max Verstappen and Toto Wolff agree that Red Bull may keep its nose ahead in 2023. Dutchman Verstappen has won the past..

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18 Jan 2023

Verstappen keeps long time troubled F1 sponsor

Jan.16 – Back-to-back world champion Max Verstappen will retain the backing of a long-time personal sponsor in 2023. In September,..

16 Jan 2023

Max Verstappen: The Phenomenal Formula 1 Driver

Table of Contents 1. Early Life and Career 2. Breakthrough and Success 3. Records and Achievements 4. Challenges and Controversies 5...

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14 Jan 2023

Max Verstappen Funny Moments (2022 Season Remix)

A compilation of all the epic Max Verstappen funny moments from the 2022 Formula 1 season – 3D animated. From his safety car restart..

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4 Jan 2023

Red Bull not trying to put extra pressure on Pérez

Dec.22 – Dr Helmut Marko has denied that Red Bull is “trying to put pressure” on Sergio Pérez. Towards the end of the..

22 Dec 2022

Championship Moments | Verstappen, Pérez and Horner Review 2022

Our 2022 Wrapped is here! Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Christian are in MK7 at the Red Bull Technology Campus to look back at the..

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20 Dec 2022

Red Bull to pay Verstappen’s highest-ever F1 license bill

Dec.20 – World champion Max Verstappen has copped the highest-ever bill for a Formula 1 super license in the sport’s history...


Verstappen hints Perez should ‘accept’ number 2 team role?

Dec.19 – Without mentioning Sergio Perez’s name, world champion Max Verstappen has re-fired the potential for more tension with..

19 Dec 2022

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