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We have frequent updates about this Dutch super talent that certainly knows how to handle a car and got very successful at a young age of 18 years old.

2022 Azerbaijan F1 GP Quali Analysis by Peter Windsor

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc brilliantly took the pole at Baku, delving deep into the limits of what is humanly possible around the..

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11 Jun 2022

Mercedes team to take ‘decisive steps’ with current W13 design?

Jun.11 – Mercedes will take “decisive steps” as the team continues to struggle with a woefully bouncing car on the..

11 Jun 2022

Red Bull claims to not have team orders or number 1 policy

Jun.9 – Red Bull says it will not stop Sergio Pérez from charging for the 2022 world championship. Before apologising to his wife..

9 Jun 2022

Rossi knows Verstappen’s last Indy argument is a ‘cop out’

Jun.8 – Former F1 driver Alexander Rossi says it’s a “cop out” for drivers like Max Verstappen to dismiss the Indy..

8 Jun 2022

Verstappen says he may quit F1 after his current contract

Jun.6 – World champion and current world championship leader Max Verstappen has warned that he may “stop” his Formula 1..

6 Jun 2022

Red Bull team will not block Perez F1 title bid this season

Jun.2 – Red Bull will not stop Sergio Perez from charging for the 2022 world championship. Dr Helmut Marko told Sport1: “He is..

2 Jun 2022

Verstappen says he has no desire to chase the “Triple Crown”

May 31 – The fact former F1 driver Marcus Ericsson won the Indy 500 win will not change reigning world champion Max..

31 May 2022

Two former F1 drivers doubt Perez title chances

May 31 – Two former F1 drivers doubt Sergio Perez can mount a challenge for the 2022 drivers’ world championship. After the..

31 May 2022

Red Bull Post-Race Comments 2022 Monaco F1 GP

Sergio Pérez driving Red Bull Racing #11 said after starting on P3 and finishing on P1: “It was really hard for me to think straight..

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30 May 2022

Perez’s Monte Carlo win seals deal for next F1 season?

May 30 – Monaco GP winner Sergio Perez appears to have locked up his future with Red Bull. The Mexican, who has been on one-year..

30 May 2022

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