Although many F1 electronic driver aids have been banned over the years, the active differential still plays a major role in the set-up of all of today's F1 cars - including all the 2022 versions. In this video, one of the key men behind the creation of the active diff - John Sutton - talks about its purpose in F1 today, its evolution, how it changed the way that F1 teams went racing and how it also plays an integral role in the handling of current high-performance road cars.

John Sutton, who has engineered F1 transmission systems for Williams, Ferrari and McLaren, worked with Max Nightingale to create the active diff software and mechanicals for Patrick Head's 1992 Williams FW14B-Renault - and, in a testament to their brilliance, it is their system that today's F1 cars still feature. Fittingly, given the transition of this particular piece of F1 engineering to road cars, this video was filmed in the exotic surroundings of Joe Macari's Showroom in Merton, London, England.

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