What would Lewis Hamilton tell his younger self? 👶

Where does he store all his trophies? 🏆

What is his ideal dinner? 🍝

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Quickfire Questions with Lewis Hamilton

  1. G.McDonald

    I suspect he will but he has the right to be dis-illusioned after what happened to him. I think he just needs a bit of time to relax and re-group then he will be back ;)

  2. shroppyfly

    Being blunt hes screwed either way..... , if he retires people will say hes running scared, if he carries on and is beaten again by Max or another, they'll say hes a has been, or if he continues and is beaten , they'll say he was only there for the cash ala piquet .

    When schumacher was beaten in 2005, he never won another title, he tried but realised his time was over, his only way forward is to continue and muller the opposition in 22 and then maybe hell be the best, maybe...!, but do we really think he can master Max ?

  3. G. McDonald

    I don't think Lewis is there yet though, he just needs to find his mojo again and even if he is 'only' as good as this year he could still beat Max. George Russell comes into the equation as well, I think he will be keen to work with him and finally have a reliable team member.


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