It's the final F1 Race Debrief of the 2020 season! 💔

James Vowles tackles the key questions you sent in about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - including why we double stacked behind the Safety Car, if donuts do much damage to the car and what teams get up to over the winter... 👀😊

Question timestamps:
00:13 – Why was the pole time seven tenths slower than last year?
01:51 – Why did you double stack the pit stop instead of splitting the strategies?
03:47 – How big was the reliability issue on the MGU-K? What was turned down on the PU?
04:49 – How did Mercedes lose to Red Bull, on a track you used to dominate?
06:10 – Does doing donuts harm the engine/gearbox?
07:01 – How did you put the names on the car? What was the procedure?
08:08 – Was it just me or did anyone miss the red Niki stars on the cars?
08:26 – What happens during the winter break?

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