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Daniel Ricciardo driving his Red Bull RB12 at Monaco

Daniel Ricciardo driving his Red Bull RB12 at Monaco

Want to be treated as VIP during the Monaco F1 GP? You can create your own tailor-made Monaco VIP package today. Thanks to the Hospitality service and take the Monaco Grand Prix Experience beyond its limits. From VIP

transfers to epicurean dishes, adrenaline-filled exclusive experiences, from luxury to budget hotels in the Monte Carlo circuit area, they can mix and match offers to create the perfect VIP weekend.


VIP Balconies

Only in Monaco you can stand in the luxury of a track side apartment metres from the circuit and watch the cars pass by during the three days of racing. PG provides our own balconies in various locations and at varying prices depending on budget and what is required in terms of hospitality and service. We have more information and pricing at the following packages:

VIP Terraces

F1 circuits

2013 Monaco Grand Prix start

The Ultimate VIP Package offering panoramic views of the circuit and Pit lane, Epicurean Catering, and a luxury wine & Champagne Open Bar… Location: Platinium VIP Terraces are all located on the highest floors of the Home Straight’s buildings and offer a the best views of the circuit, the harbour and Le Rocher. View: These terraces offer the finest views of the Monaco Grand Prix. From here, guests will enjoy clear sights of the Main straight, the Ste Dévote chicane (Turn 1), the Beau Rivage hill leading to the Casino, but also the exit of the Fairmont Hotel tunnel and all the action on the lower portion of the port. A bird’s eye view of the entrance and exit of the pit lane is just the icing on the cake of this unique package. Hospitality: A continental breakfast will be served from 09:00 to 10:00, followed by an Epicurean Lunch buffet from 12:00 to 14:00. The Wine and Champagne Open-Bar will go on until 18:00, offering the finest selection of wines along with some of the World’s most renowned Champagne brands.

Gold VIP Terraces

Silver arrows against the Bulls in Monaco

Silver arrows against the Bulls in Monaco

Perched above the Starting Grid, the superior floors of the Gold Terraces offer extensive views of the circuit, Premium Catering and a deluxe Open Bar. Location: Gold VIP Terraces are located on the central floors of the Home Straight’s buildings, offering clear sights of the upper section of Port Hercule. View: These terraces offer outstanding sights of the Home Straight. Guests will enjoy clear sights of the Starting Grid as well as of the Pit Lane exit and the Ste Dévote chicane (Turn 1). The unique location of these terraces will also allow fans to enjoy outstanding views of the port, with its numerous luxury yachts harbored for this unique racing rendezvous. At the heart of all the glamour and excitement of the Monaco Grand Prix, a Gold VIP Terrace is a grand favourite to fans and executives. Hospitality: Guests of the VIP Gold Terraces will enjoy a continental breakfast served from 09:00 to 10, followed by a Gourmet Lunch buffet from 12:00 to 14:00. The Wine and Champagne Open-Bar will go on until 18:00, offering premium wine and Champagne brands.

Silver VIP Terraces

F1 Circuits

Monaco main straight and Saint Devote

The Silver VIP Terraces offer guests a spot at the heart of the exciting and glamorous Monaco Grand Prix, from above the renowned Ste Dévote Chicane. Location: Silver VIP Terraces are perched above the Ste Dévote Chicane (Turn 1) and the Beau Rivage hill leading to the Casino, on the first few floors of some of the Principality’s most renowned buildings.
View: These terraces offer outstanding sights of the race taking place below. At the heart of the action, guests of Silver VIP terrace will enjoy unparalleled sights of the crucial Ste Dévote corner, one of the circuit’s overtaking points, as well as extensive views of the Beau Rivage Hill leading to the Casino. Clear sights of the action at the Bureau de Tabac corner and up to the Swimming Pool are also to be enjoyed from here. Hospitality: Guests of the VIP Silver Terraces will enjoy a continental breakfast served from 09:00 to 10, followed by a Gourmet Lunch buffet from 12:00 to 14:00 and an Open Bar until 18:00.


Sergio Perez driving his Force India VJM09 at Monaco

Experience the Monaco GP from a Yacht

A Yacht VIP package offers outstanding views of the race in a supremely luxurious setting, with impeccable service and


sublime food and drinks. The package includes access to a private yacht in the harbour, near the high speed action. Either way you will be very close to the action, a fantastic way to watch the race. The service and catering are worthy of such a location, champagne bar and truly outstanding gastronomic food, from mouth watering amuses-bouches to carefully crafted dishes that will delight your palate. All of this served by professional friendly hostesses.

And there's so much more......


Helicopter transfer

Helicopter transfer

In Monaco, the fastest way to travel from the airport is by helicopter and again we have access at discounted rates to offer to our clients. We also have drivers and boats we can arrange for those who didn’t want to fly in. Reach the Monaco circuit in a record-time from Nice airport thanks to this 7 –minute helicopter transfer. More than just a ride, the helicopter transfer offers unparalleled views of the French Riviera! Within Monaco or from the airport, to your hotel and to the circuit, maximise your comfort and save time with a private transfer in a luxury car. From any hotel in Monaco and on the Côte d’Azur, our Shuttle Service provides top-class journeys at a competitive price!

Maximise your pleasure with a confected package combining adrenaline-filled fun and gastronomic meals.  This unique experience includes a helicopter tour to one of the following destinations and a gourmet lunch in a top class restaurant, prepared by some of the finest French Chefs.  Helicopter destinations : Lorgues, la Bastide de Moustiers or le Domaine du château Saint Martin »

There'are also offers of luxury trips and experiences from Monaco including Ferrari driving, helicopter excursions, boat chartering customised to their cat requirements.

Drive a Ferrari

Drive a Ferrari

Get in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari and make a childhood dream come true. Relish panoramic views of Monaco as you experience the speed and utter comfort of a legendary sports car. Adrenaline at a cost-friendly price!


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