May 13 - Sebastian Vettel could turn to Indycar if his Formula 1 career ends at the conclusion of this year's world championship.

The quadruple world champion has said in recent weeks and months that he is struggling to adjust to the consistent F1 midfield.

Aston Martin, though, is not giving up on giving the 34-year-old a quicker car, with the Lawrence Stroll-owned team planning to bring a 'B spec' version of its 2022 machine to Barcelona.

"Maybe it will be a Ferrari copy but we'll see," Auto Motor und Sport editor Michael Schmidt said.

While he waits for a faster car, Vettel admitted in Miami that the new race's organisers might have been wiser to spend their money on upgrading a "proper track" like Road America in Wisconsin.

"Certainly for the racing and driving thrill, for the money that was spent to build Miami, they could have easily brought the standard up in great places like Road America," the German said.

"I'd love to go to proper tracks," Vettel added.

That comment prompted an instant social media reaction from top Indycar star Graham Rahal, who invited Vettel to test a Rahal car at Road America.

Team owner and former F1 team boss Bobby Rahal then added: "Seb, that's a deal if you want it."

When asked about Rahal's invitation, Vettel commented: "I need to have a look. But it's a great track so let's see."

Vettel has also received another offer - but not for a cockpit - from his former Formula 1 team boss Gerhard Berger, who now runs the German DTM series.

"I would love to have Sebastian as a partner," said the F1 legend.

"He's a clever guy who I think will need tasks in the future other than driving."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Vettel invited to test Indycar

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    There are 3-4 proper race tracks in the US that with Liberty's half billion $$$ Vegas budget would be great F1 venues and are located to draw huge numbers of racing fans. Fact is F1 is no longer about racing. It is part of a 'business plan'.

  2. susan

    Every sport is about the money. Pick one that isn’t. When you pay millions of dollars/pounds to athletes to race, kick a ball, throw a ball it is ABOUT the money. Unavoidable

  3. John B

    Has Seb thought about the environmental impact of Indy car before venturing there?

    Do they not still run on petrol

    He purports to be a climate change advocate so perhaps he should try the Tour de France next without the pace car 🚗 or motorcycle. What a saving on petrol ⛽ costs and zero effect on the ozone layer

    • ReallyOldRacer

      John, you haven't done your research on the amount of perspiration caused by the Tour de France and it's effect on the ozone. And I have read a report that states bicycle racing causes flatulation. We all know the dangers of those gases to our environment.


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