Jun.2 - Max Verstappen says he feels "much more relaxed" as his Formula 1 career races on, despite finding himself in his first head-to-head for the title with Lewis Hamilton.

"I used to yell a lot, now I'm more relaxed," the Red Bull driver smiled to Servus TV.

Respected commentators have also praised the Dutchman's progress since the beginning of his career, even though many still think Hamilton is a 'more complete' driver.

"I disagree," Verstappen told Sky Italia. "But that's my opinion.

"Yes, he's more experienced. But that doesn't mean he's more complete. It's my opinion and there is no need for anyone else to agree with me."

So while new championship leader and Monaco winner Verstappen is undoubtedly more mature in 2021, he says that was just a "completely normal" process for someone who made his debut at the highest level as a teenager.

"From 17 to 23, things change. That is completely normal," he said.

Another change is his weight, as Verstappen admits that he has put on 10 kilograms since his debut as a fresh-faced youngster in 2015.

"Compared to last year, it has increased again," he admitted. "But generally I never have any problems with that in the car. I weigh 78 kilograms with all of my equipment on."

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32 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen disagrees on 'Hamilton is a more complete driver' story

  1. Jax

    Of course the young whipper snapper disagrees Lol. It's called ego folks. Consistent high level performance with limited mistakes is what dictates completeness. And which F1 world champion in the 21st century has made the least mistakes and infringements?!
    Now let's breakdown base experience vs. experience with completeness using the WET Turkish GP of 2020.
    Vettel and Perez's podium finish = base experience.
    Sir Hammer's win = Experience with completeness.
    Bottas and Max spinning all over the place = lack of both Lol.
    Someone post this to Max so he can understand why objective pundits give Hammer the edge.

    • shroppyfly

      You conveniently forgot he has had the overwhelmingly best car for all his Merc wins, He will run scared when GR is in the Team, the press are writing that already .. Retire gracefully , probably to run a dog grooming parlour somewhere posh (Lulu and Roscoe), make a lovely couple. I can see the PR people now , how can we make it look like it was Lulus decision to retire and not Mercs decision not to renew .

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Jax, you're back! Been on holiday with Sir Lewis? Actually, your post makes some sense, but then I am not a VER or RB fan. We should agree though that if his recent quotes are accurate he is sounding a bit more mature. Ham, on the other hand, whines more the older he gets probably because that 8/100 season is going to require some work...not something he is used to.

      • f1award

        'comments more mature', that's rich coming from you ReallyOldRacer especially given you started your post with childish insults, as usual.

        • shroppyfly

          F1 Your very grumpy today take some redbull or something ,
          theres no point getting jealous if Lulu has been entertaining Jax on holiday, just accept it and move on my friend..

        • ReallyOldRacer

          Geez, now you're defending Jax. He doesn't need your help. He hangs with royals. Take your meds, and for heavens sake smile now and again.

    • True Post

      And now you can add this to your complex formula "...Turning off the brakes by mistake in Baku..."

      That would go in the gross tomfoolery column...

      But this MOST COMPLETE driver sometimes reverses himself because he can't control his tongue when he is pissed off!

      Just drive Lewis, you are really good at it.

      And you, Max, continue ignoring all the soothsayers and drive like hell!

  2. Jax

    The rest of his wins are and moot to the point I made. I specified Turkey because it highlighted why Bottas in the same car spun six times. And the Bull Max used was more than capable of a podium in such conditions. But knock yourself out with your Russell delusions Lol. A wise fellow would curb their enthusiasm about betting against hammer.
    And you running a joke about couples? Really Fly.... Lol. This is so easy for me to counter I'm gonna spare you. Don't make me change my mind tho.

      • ReallyOldRacer

        As usual, you make perfect sense, IF HAM gets his 100/8. Otherwise, it's HAM/BOT for another season. Kinda hope it's the latter, hate to lose the Jaxworld entertainment.

  3. Jax

    I was actually in discussions with Toto about 2022. Mostly about axing Bottas for Russel.

    Hey Ror(as the Fly so affectionately calls you). If Max becomes champ this year, how about you and the Fly take a trip to California and get matching tattoos to celebrate? Something you both can cherish forever 😂.
    Sorry Fly but your mate caused this one. Lol smh

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Do we get to ride in a Jaxi and have dinner with you and the knight? I understand that LH has a few LA contacts. Smiles and a good day back atcha'.

  4. shroppyfly

    Max wont win this year , Hamilton will win it easily and then keep winning...... Oh no thats just in Jaxes imaginary world

    Lucy is looking tired,its catching up with him, the young whippersnappers as Jax calls them can smell blood, the press can aswell, Tonto is having secret meetings with Jost about GR for 22, the pressures building Tonto,Valterri, Lulu and GR all say they want a decision by summer break TickTock TickTock,

  5. shroppyfly

    Lewis this is Toto, George is faster than you, George is Faster than you, Confirm you understood the message, Ahhhhh Man this just aint fair.

  6. shroppyfly

    No doubt Tonto will somehow blame VB for this as well

    Valtteri Bottas’s race weekend hasn’t got off to the best start as a plane issue has delayed his journey from Finland to Baku.

    Lucky wasn’t on the Mercedes man’s side last time out in Monaco as, running comfortably in P2 after a strong start to the weekend, his team were able to remove one of his wheels during a pit-stop, forcing him to retire.

    He’d have been hoping that his fortunes would improve for the next round in Baku, but so far that hasn’t been the case, with an issue with a plane delaying his arrival at the circuit.

    “I’m still in Finland. I should have been in Baku by now,” he told reporters in Baku over Zoom.

    Nevertheless, he’s not too worried about the time lost and is confident he’ll be there sooner rather than later.

    “We are well prepared as a team. Hopefully, I’ll be there in the evening.”

    After the pit-stop issue in Monte Carlo, Toto Wolff placed some of the blame on Bottas himself, saying that the Finn stopped too early in the pit-box.

    Having looked at reports and replays though, the driver disagrees with this assessment, feeling that there was nothing wrong with his positioning.

    “I wanted to see all of the reports where I stopped,” he said.

    “And I think I was like two or three centimetres off the centre line and if you get that accuracy normally, it is pretty good.

    “You can easily swing by 10 to 15 centimetres so I thought it was pretty spot on.”

    Translated from Finnish to English , Tonto , your talking B.llocks

  7. shroppyfly

    As taxi drivers are always full of wisdom, what the heck happened to you Jax, lol but seriously any early words of wisdom for the Lulu at the weekend ?

  8. Jax

    The Legend doesn't need any wisdom from me as he has it in spades as proven by his track record(s). But you my Fly friend, seems wisdom has flown by by. 😄

  9. shroppyfly

    Off the BBC F1 page

    Lewis Hamilton says the backlash tennis star Naomi Osaka has received following her withdrawal from the French Open is "ridiculous".

    He added that the response from the tennis authorities to Osaka was "not cool".

    And Hamilton said most athletes were "not prepared" for success and that the pressures of fame "weigh heavily on you".

    "It can be daunting still standing behind a camera," he said.

    "It is not the easiest, particularly if you are an introvert and you do struggle to be under those pressures."

    Azerbaijan Grand Prix radio and online coverage details
    Hamilton was talking before this weekend's Azerbaijan Grand Prix at the end of a week in which the sporting headlines have been dominated by Osaka's withdrawal from the French Open.

    The Japanese world number two initially refused to do media commitments at the tournament, to "protect her mental health".

    She then pulled out of the tournament on Monday, a day after the organisers of the four Grand Slam tournaments threatened to expel her for not talking to the media.

    The incident has opened up a debate about the relationship between sports stars and the media, especially in the context of mental health.

    Seven-time champion Hamilton said: "She is an incredible athlete and human being and her activism has been just so impactful. But at such a young age, there is so much weight on her shoulders it is inevitable.

    "The fact is, when you are young, you are thrown into the limelight and the spotlight, and it weighs heavily on you. Most of us are not prepared.

    "When I came into F1, the team had PR. I was never prepared for being thrown in front of a camera. I was never guided as to what to look out for and helped to navigate through that, so I sort of learned through mistakes.

    "But when I was young, I was thrown into the pit and wasn't given any guidance or support."

    Hamilton said Osaka had been "incredibly brave" to take her stance and called on the tennis authorities to reconsider their response.

    "It is now asking those in power and putting them in question and making them have to think about how they react, because the way they reacted was not good - with the fine," he said.

    "Someone talking about their personal mental health and then being fined for it - that was not cool.

    "They could have definitely handled it better, and I hope they will take a deep dive into it and find a way to navigate it better in the future. As athletes, we are pushing ourselves to the limit, we are on the edge and we are only human beings."

    • shroppyfly

      My take on this is , yes she may be struggling with her mental health , thats one side of the coin, the other is her management/her agent/ herself know that part of appearing at these events is to take part in media with fines given out if they dont, not attacking her but if this was the case why did she enter the tournament knowing what would happen, of course some may say it was to highlight the mental health issues sports people can suffer from , but and devils advocate-- Rules are rules , stamping your feet midway through a competition also isnt the way forward, jusy my 2p worth , thought it worth posting as Lulu was saying his bit about it

  10. Nathan

    Hamilton is a complete pipe who hangs around with Justin beiber ffs, max is a more complete driver already, and an actually goat could have been the goat in that merc the last 7 years. He is a quality driver no doubt Lewis and growing up in the ‘slums’ of Stevenage he has done really well no doubt! But he is a pipe and I have to turn the tv channel over every time he is on camera and opens his mouth, after max beats him this year he will retire and become a rapper no doubt, what a pipe!

  11. MichaelM

    Baby Lulu is not more complete than anyone...whenever Laclerc and Max had competitive cars beat them hands down as shown in Monaco. It's all down to the car and nothing about Lulu.

  12. madra mor

    maybe lewis could consider a career in drag racing,no corners.mercedes are making a lot of mistakes like it or not.hard luck max well done perez vettel gasly


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