Nov.30 - Max Verstappen admits he won't be keeping up with the daily goings-on in Formula 1 over the forthcoming off-season period.

The triple world champion is well known for being one of the drivers on the grid who is least interested in keeping up his profile on social media.

He admits it makes him more immune to criticism than some of his rivals.

"But I also just feel like what I do in private is no one else's business," said the 26-year-old Red Bull driver in an interview with the Dutch magazine Formule 1.

Verstappen says he's simply not as keen as some of his rivals about being up-to-date with the nitty gritty of daily Formula 1 news - which in many ways relieves stress and gives him a clearer focus.

"That's right. But I don't follow very many Formula 1-related accounts or people anyway," said the Dutchman.

"I consciously ignore a lot of Formula 1 news, then at a certain point it no longer appears in my timeline. Actually, I only follow other sports and athletes, also to gain a better balance in my life.

"I don't want to know everything - especially when I'm at home - about what's going on in the paddock."

And he also enjoys a little bit of F1 ignorance when he travels to Brazil to meet up with his girlfriend's family - headed, of course, by Kelly's father and another triple world champion, Nelson Piquet.

"Then we are really not talking about motorsport at all," said Verstappen. "He's talked about that more than enough in his life.

"At a certain point you don't feel like it anymore and you've stopped talking about it. I understand that - there is more to life."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen Admits Ignoring Daily F1 News for Peaceful Off-Season

  1. David Baines

    I agree,don’t take notice of all the press BS , take a break have a chat with the great Nelson and Kelly, come back refreshed and kick their stars again. Enjoy Max you deserve it

  2. Wayne King

    I'm with Max on the social media pandemic. Social media is really a waste of time and money! The world was a happier place before social media raised it's ugly head and created so many pretenders full of their own self importance. Real people don't need social media!

    • Paul Hodgman

      Wayne, I think social media has wonderful benefits. Look at us now using it to share our views about a passion. Max is right in showing people that - YOU CONTROL IT - it doesn't control you.

      He is choosing to give it a miss and good luck to him. Lets just enjoy his genius at the wheel and trust that other teams provide their drivers with the car to give him a run for his money. 'Cause as we saw with Lando, Max isn't as cool when he comes under pressure.

  3. shroppyfly

    the trouble with social media it has encroached on so many aspects of life today , if your young 20yr+ generation its normal 30yrs and older , remember when it wasn't there, and thats where the, (was better before comes from ) but thats like everything , my elderly parents say , we didnt have central heating or triple glazing , but life was better, but was it?, and then theres pornhub.......So...

  4. Johnboy

    Max is right to ignore the whinging bumholes
    Their opinions matter not

    Yet another sign of a true winner not influenced by shite talk

    Go Max Go for 2024

  5. Susan

    He definitely doesn’t need it or want it. Good for him. Social media has been a pall on most areas of our society, no matter where anyone lives. There is something to be said for a bit of mystery in all our lives, especially people in the limelight.


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