Jean Todt says he is an advocate for the potential return of refuelling in Formula 1.

Refuelling was banned in 2010, for strategy and safety reasons. But Todt, the FIA president, said reintroducing refuelling would be a good way to address the common complaint about the cars becoming increasingly heavy.

It would also be a good way for the sport to promote the likely introduction of biofuels. "I am pushing for analysing what it would mean if we reintroduced refuelling," Todt told reporters. "Because if you reintroduce refuelling then you will have lighter cars at the start of the race and you can have smaller cars."

The Frenchman says it makes him "laugh" when teams object to the idea of refuelling on the basis that it is too expensive. "When I see the size of the motor homes, I don't think that it's really the price which is the problem," said Todt.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Todt wants F1 to bring back refuelling

  1. rlm328

    Here's a little something for fun to think about. What if? What if we took the drivers and made them no longer manufacturer specific? Hamilton and Vettle would go to, oh, say Torro Rosso and Renault and the back markers would go to Mercedes and Ferrari. Would there be a marked difference? Would Sainz and Norris be on the podium driving the front cars? Would our previous champions be able to take the Williams into the points or maybe even get a podium? It would be a fun mental exercise to think about. But then again, you have Kimi driving a Ferrari engined car and unable to even score points, so maybe it's already answered. So then, is it just the car that makes a champion? What if it and see what you come up with.

    • Leopold

      Yes, that would be great fun a format like taht. I would be in for the following format: 20 cars, 10 teams, 20 drivers and 20 races. Each race the drivers have to swap cars, so they will drive 2 times in each team and each driver will drive every car that's on the grid. In that way you can see which team, car and driver is really the best.

      • Simon Saivil

        There is nothing new under the sun!

        I have, actually, floated that idea several times on this very website.

        I suggested that drivers be free agents, and not associated with any team or have a team-mate. By lottery system the cars and "team-mates" would be assigned for the season. Thus each driver would get to drive for each manufacturer about twice a year, and not necessarily with any one driver coupled more than once a year.

        That way manufacturers would fight for the title and would do all they can to accommodate each driver. Drivers, equally, would do their best to do well in each car.

        Needless to say this is a pipe dream. There are way too many vested interests coming from all quarters, the least of which NOT being the media, blogs and websites like this.

  2. rlm328

    I know it's fun to contemplate it but it is only for fun since there's no way that the current manufacturers will let their million dollar babies go to anyone else. I just don't fully understand why the manufacturers trophy is such a big deal. In America, when NASCAR started, before they ruined it with all the rules, restrictor racing, Car of Tomorrow, etc. they drove cars like we saw on the streets. Win on Sunday and sell on Monday they used to say and then it meant something to the manufacturer to win but who will buy a Mercedes or Ferrari when a race car wins? Surely they don't think people will run out and buy their car when one of the most expensive and technological racing machine wins a race! BUT who cares, I love F1. Not too happy about it being the Mercedes Hour though. Be more fun if the outcome was up in the air. Maybe some day one of the others will actually so something to catch up to Mercedes. Wouldn't want to see Mercedes have to detune the car so the others had a chance. That's not racing. It's up to the others to move their game up to being more competitive. Until that happens we are stuck with what we have. But it's still the best racing around.


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