Jun.23 - Race official Stijn de Boever admits legendary Spa-Francorchamps needs to adopt "the American way" if it wants to stay on the Formula 1 calendar.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the iconic circuit could be left without a place on the 24-race schedule for 2023, as F1's owner Liberty Media taps exciting new events including Miami and Las Vegas.

Spa's current Belgian GP race deal expires after the 2022 edition.

"It is true that there was a request from F1 to introduce a greater component of entertainment," de Boever, commercial director of the race promoter Spa Grand Prix, is quoted by Italy's Autosprint.

"They said that history is something great but 'we need more'. We decided to listen to them and follow them in the new way of offering Formula events.

"This American way, with all of the entertainment that this entails," he added.

The latest unconfirmed rumour is that if Spa cannot reach an ordinary race deal with Liberty, a compromise solution could be a non-championship round in which the F1 teams field young drivers instead of their regular lineups.

RTBF reports that Spa Grand Prix president Melchior Wathelet returned to Belgium from London on Tuesday, having met with Liberty Media officials.

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Spa-Francorchamps track open to F1's new 'American way' of racing

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    This is so sad. I can see it now, progressive fireworks by the sides of the track as the cars go up the hill. The 'american way', indeed.

  2. shroppyfly

    Hows Spa going to adopt the American way, Spa is all about standing 6 hours in the rain , and eating soggy pomme frites and still we love it

  3. Nobodysperfect

    How can you even consider axing Spa??? Those guys at Liberty Media sure don't give a sh*t about F1 racing. F*ck the american way!

    Who is asking for fake harbours and endless talking of those stupid VIP's on grid, who also don't give a f*ck about F1 racing and only want to be famous. They don't even know who the drivers are!

    We are only asking to put the V10's back in the cars and to trade those stupid heavy batteries for double or quadruple turbo's. so the cars get much lighter and quicker. I almost forgot, we also want the grid girls back, just like MotoGP still has...

    • guttersniper 1

      agree 100% bring back curvy grid girls,id like to jump into the cot with.not muscle bound tennis players.gimme screamer v8 s or v10 s as well

  4. Keith Haithwaite

    If Liberty Media want F1 done 'the American way' then let them do it on US soil and leave the rest of F1 alone otherwise I foresee a 'breakaway' F1 look-alike which concentrates on the cars, the drivers, the teams and the fans and leave out the rest of the flimflam.

  5. ReallyOldRacer

    Unfortunately. Keith, the boys have had a taste of the nectar...$$$...and there is no appetite for any sort of 'breakaway' series. Spectacle over spectacular will rule until Liberty builds sufficient value to make a profit selling F1. Again unfortunately, that sale is likely to be to the Saudis and we will have a Sandland World Championship. Triple unfortunately, $$$ will likely rule our sport into the future.

  6. shroppyfly

    yeah great idea and i suppose the points wouldn't count towards either of the two championships?

    I forsee three tiny flaws in the plan- WCC points = money

    And then the tiny almost insignificant flaw No points No Fecking Money...

    And finally young drivers ,in a race in Million $$ cars what could possibly go wrong.

    And thats before Totos whinger team veto it

    Apart from all that yeah brilliant


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