Sep.17 - Alongside Mick Schumacher, another Formula 2 star is now shaping up as a likely 2021 rookie.

It is believed that Schumacher, who leads the 2020 points standings, is the frontrunner to move up to Formula 1 next year with Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo, currently running another Ferrari academy member Antonio Giovinazzi, is believed to have an agreement with the Maranello marque reserving one cockpit per season for a Ferrari junior.

And according to rumours, a similar arrangement is now in the works at the other Ferrari-powered team - Haas.

Haas boss Gunther Steiner recently confirmed that a Ferrari junior could replace one of the team's existing drivers for 2021 - and most thought he was talking about 21-year-old Schumacher.

In fact, it is believed Haas' talks are actually about Schumacher's Prema teammate, fellow Ferrari academy driver Robert Shwartzman. The reigning F3 champion is fourth overall in his maiden Formula 2 campaign so far this year.

When asked if he has to beat Schumacher in 2020 to get a chance of moving into Formula 1, the Russian driver told Bild newspaper: "It's not just about us two.

"Everyone in Formula 2 wants to make it to Formula 1. From my point of view, I just have to deliver good results and show that I can be a team player.

"I want to prove that I deserve a place, because I believe that those who work the hardest are the ones who take the biggest steps into the future," Shwartzman added.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Shwartzman linked with Haas seat for 2021

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    Shwartzman is a good driver and deserving of consideration but he will do absolutely nothing to help HAAS improve US interest in F1. Perez is North American and, if you want to add a rookie, the Schumacher name has allure in the colonies. Much better choices for F1 marketing purposes.

  2. Munster

    Schwartzman has a very good season, but seriously: Schumacher and Ilot look much more promising and I bet one of these two will win the F2-championship but not Schwartzman. Schwartzman also drives his first F2 season and although he is very successful I think it would be better for his development to give him at least a second season.

    • I can't remember

      I think SCH needs another season in F2 as well. I have a few F2 races but he has not impressed me on track. He is leading in the points but has won only 1 race. I like Ilott, Mazepine, and I wouldn't to have a charger like Ghiotto hounding me as he does.


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