Aug.25 - George Russell is in for the long haul at Mercedes, as he played down his disappointment at not immediately having a race or title-winning car after switching from Williams.

But as the Brackley based team takes a back seat to title chargers Red Bull and Ferrari this year, 24-year-old Russell has at least looked good in comparison with his seven-time world champion teammate Lewis Hamilton.

"Certainly my results have improved while his have gone down," the British driver told Auto Motor und Sport.

Russell hopes to have Mercedes F1 seat for 'ten years'

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

"But Lewis is hungry and this challenge motivates him even more. He will be there for many years to come. I don't see him slowing down."

Nonetheless, Russell would be forgiven for feeling disappointed that after Mercedes won almost every title between 2014 and 2021, this year's car is not a winner.

"We were all aware that there was no guarantee of a good car," he insisted.

"But I was sure that if a false start happened, this team has the ability to fight back. We're seeing that now.

"I didn't come to Mercedes for short-term success. I came for the long term and this is the best place to give me that opportunity.

"I'm looking at a time span of five to ten years," Russell revealed.

And he is not even ruling out a sneaky race win or two in the second half of the 2022 season, which kicks off after the August break this weekend at Spa-Francorchamps.

"There is potential in this car," said Russell.

"The technical directive applicable from Spa should affect the teams that have used flexible floors so I see us getting closer and closer.

"If we continue at this pace, there's nothing to stop us from fighting for victories. I don't think we'll ever have the fastest car, but I think we'll get our chance."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Russell hopes to have Mercedes F1 seat for 'ten years'

  1. shroppyfly

    Lucy the cash cow collecting Dame , LaLa only stayed at Merc because it was so Dominant, had it been the Mcl Honda days he'd have been knocking on Ferraris or Rb doors, so lets get real, hell only stay 5-10 yrs if the cars a Monster, because otherwise hell not win a WDC, lets play a game , how many drivers in the last 30yrs have stayed with same team for that long, i can think of two Msc and Lucy.....

    Finally George , oh George the whole paddock knows the best place to be to win is in a Rb or Ferrari, not a Merc, don't take us for fools short or long term

      • OurNige

        Spoken like a true Grand Wizard, fuaward!
        But why does everyone have to be pro LH?
        I thought it was only the CCP that disallowed alternate thinking and comments.

      • CanadianEh

        More left-wing cancel-culture bullshit from some millennial butt-hurt about some one disagreeing with them. Hell, anyone that thinks The Dame is a narcissist or that his best days driving are behind him or simply refuse to throw rose petals on the ground before him as he glides effortlessly through the paddock (with his white, female Personal Assistant lugging his gear) are now all racists. Well, we've got news for you.

  2. shroppyfly

    Now we all know you talk bollox but what is 1. Racist about my post and 2. Incorrect oh yeah Nothing.... but heh you carry on old chum, the only KKK im president of is the Turbo division of Borg Warner, oh noooo, that'll be classed as Racist to by f4 nodoubt

  3. shroppyfly

    And out of all the names you can choose, you chose one associated with Lucy and Racism, very classy , how is that bandwagon your on?

    You could be smarter than that alas, its not to be


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