Apr.4 - Dr Helmut Marko has issued a firm "no comment" to the latest wild speculation surrounding the Red Bull power struggle.

The public fire surrounding the Christian Horner scandal seemed to have been somewhat doused in the days after the Saudi Arabian GP - but whispers are still being made in the background.

For instance, Auto Bild claims that Horner and the energy drink company's Thai faction have essentially won the struggle for now - with potentially explosive ramifications.

It is rumoured that the Austrian contingent, involving consultant Marko, may respond by simply walking away from Formula 1 completely - including the lapsing of the Austrian GP contract at the Red Bull Ring after 2030.

Another whisper is that Suzuka could be 80-year-old Marko's last in his current role - potentially triggering Max Verstappen's departure to Mercedes and even Adrian Newey taking up a big-money offer from Aston Martin.

"No comment!" Marko is quoted as having responded to Osterreich newspaper.

It is believed Horner's plan A if the saga results in Verstappen leaving the team is Fernando Alonso, who admitted on Thursday that plenty of "rumours" are doing the rounds.

"Obviously if Max leaves Red Bull, this may influence my decision," said the Spaniard. "But I think the probability of this is zero."

Former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, who won all four of his titles for the brand, was asked about the ongoing Red Bull unrest by Sky Deutschland.

"I think it's always difficult when you read one thing and then the other - and then the opposite again," he said. "It seems like everything is going in circles now.

"The shame is that Max is actually doing a great job, and the team - including a lot of people I remember from my time there - are doing a great job in the background.

"That's kind of forgotten when the main topic is about something else."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull's Marko Mum Amidst Explosive F1 Rumors

  1. Blo

    Certain individuals may be able to walk away, and find other jobs or retire, the company will go on in all its forms regardless. The Austrian management I suspect will be replaced quite possibly by CH, the major Austrian shareholder has no desire to manage the company and may well sell to CH and his backers. A little scandal never held back Trump.
    The only thing that would convince Max to leave would be MB suddenly sorting their car, something they managed for many years without AN.
    I suspect the Austrians have considered themselves far superior to the Thais, they may be about to get their just reward.

    • shroppyfly

      yeah but most of Honors wdc came from the engine and hammer time, AN wasnt needed, they had people like Paddy Lowe, what ever happened to him lol

  2. smokey

    Aren't rumours and scandal amazing topics!
    But will we ever find out the real truth?
    Unlikely, as too many reputations are at stake.

    As the journalists' motto goes ~ Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!


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