Feb.28 - Christian Horner is now counting down the hours before he learns whether his Formula 1 career is over or not.

"I can't imagine the season will begin without some form of clarity," F1 journalist Louis Dekker, in Bahrain ahead of the start of opening practice on Thursday, told NOS.

Indeed, every insider now agrees that the pressure on Red Bull to resolve the saga involving the accusations of a female staff member is now immense.

"We are all asking for an investigation that is fair and transparent. And, if possible, quick," Laurent Mekies, boss of Red Bull's other F1 team RB, told Ouest France newspaper.

"We also must remember the presumption of innocence."

F1, the FIA, and Red Bull's 2026 engine partner Ford have all ramped up the pressure for an outcome prior to the Bahrain GP - but the team requires clarity too.

"Red Bull can only beat themselves this year," former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher told Bild.

"Adrian Newey, along with Max (Verstappen), is the father of the success, and all Adrian wants to do is to build a fast car. He doesn't want all this internal hassle," he said.

"He left McLaren because he didn't get along with Ron Dennis," Schumacher warned. "Red Bull has to be careful too."

Dutch F1 GP boss Jan Lammers agrees that Red Bull could be left exposed if it bows to the pressures to oust Horner - but then F1's dominant team is left without its highly-successful long-term boss.

"You're essentially taking the conductor away from the orchestra," he said. "It's about the synergy. Questions are asked and then the right answers come. If you remove one element, the entire structure can disappear."

Horner, 50, was scheduled to return to Bahrain on Wednesday, and Red Bull's print media schedule says he will be available for post-race questions on Saturday.

Sources suggest that once Horner's fate is made public, Red Bull does not intend to share all the details of the accusations. De Telegraaf newspaper refers to "transgressive sexual behaviour" and, messages with "sexual connotations" that took place "over a significant period of time".

"It is a very strange situation, but the difficult thing is that when you don't know everything, you actually know nothing," Lammers explained.

Red Bull and Verstappen are tipped to dominate this weekend in Bahrain, with former F1 driver Ivan Capelli telling Sky Italia: "The Horner story is Red Bull's only weakness."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull's Crucial Countdown: The Hour Approaches for Horner's Verdict

  1. Blo

    Whatever the outcome, Horner will no longer want to lead a team for Red Bull. There are others that will welcome him with open arms and can easily afford to pay him more than the relatively mean £8 million that RB pay him.
    So badly handled

  2. shroppyfly

    Now hes been cleared, it doesnt say whether the now $1 million richer complainant is still employed by Rb , I suspect Not, so best laid plans made and hopes, all came to nothing Roll on Saturday

  3. Blo

    I think Horner will go to or form a new team probably with AN. Max refuses to acknowledge Horner which suggests a failed coup involving his father and Helmet possibly Johnathon Wheatley and others. It remains to be seen who he wants rid of in return for staying. Remember these three all have chequered pasts.

  4. Les

    All these people having a say without knowing the facts including Horner going to lose his job.
    Been cleared egg on face you people.
    Thats the problem with todays media and social media an allegation is made and the onus of proof is reversed guilty until proven innocent.
    Wolff ,Brown , Hamilton and everybody who commented beforehand hope you learnt something keep quiet till all the ptocess is completed.

  5. Les

    Brown and Wolff just shut up.
    This is an internal matter for Red Bull
    just like any private company. They investigated a complaint from one of their employees and it is settled Nothing to do with anybody else.
    How have F1 or FIA have any authority to get involved.
    Brown and Wolff just stirring trouble to try to upset Red Bull.
    It has nothing to do with either of you just shut up.

  6. CanadianEh

    Yeah, what did I say a couple of weeks ago? This was a tempest in a teapot that got blown way out of proportion by a zealous press-corps, paddock rivals and ne'er-do-well's Jos and Dr. Frankenstein. All because of a gold-digger working the angles with pant-wetter's and an unforgiving internet.

    Again - tie them ALL to posts and shoot them at dawn.


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