Aug.1 - Lewis Hamilton deserved the sea of boos from the Formula 1 spectators after qualifying in Hungary.

That is the view of Dr Helmut Marko, as the intense head-to-head between Mercedes and Red Bull for the 2021 titles raced into yet another round.

Former Red Bull driver Robert Doornbos thinks the crowd, including many of Max Verstappen's Dutch fans, were upset about Hamilton's particularly slow out-lap that delayed his nemesis in the decisive moments of qualifying.

"Every opportunity is taken to destabilise the opponent, in this case by taking temperature out of his tyres," he told Ziggo Sport.

Top Red Bull official Marko agrees that Hamilton was playing "games".

"We knew that Hamilton was very, very fast," he told Servus TV.

"But we thought we could at least get Bottas on the second attempt. But with his games that the audience acknowledged with their great whistling, Hamilton prevented Max from doing a quicker time.

"From a sporting point of view, I don't see that as the right thing to do," insisted Marko.

Former F1 driver Romain Grosjean agreed that Hamilton's tactic "wasn't pretty".

But when asked by Motorsport-Total about Grosjean's view, seven time world champion Hamilton hit back: "That's silly.

"Anyone who makes comments like that shows why they aren't here anymore."

However, the spectators sided with Red Bull and Grosjean and revealed their indignation by letting off a tirade of furious whistles and boos.

"That is just the consequence of all the incidents of the last few weeks," Mercedes boss Toto Wolff commented. "We understand the emotions but booing should have no place in our sport.

"But it's clear how the Dutch fans react in such a situation. They support their driver."

Even some of Verstappen's supporters hit out at the booing, but the championship leader himself told De Telegraaf newspaper: "It's not for me to tell them not to do it.

"Nobody gets under my skin," Verstappen added.

Curiously, even Hamilton said he doesn't mind being booed.

"If anything, it just fuels me," said the Mercedes driver. "People have a right. It's a sport, and people act wild when it's sport.

"I must be doing something right to be up front."

Verstappen continued: "Yes, my tyres were a bit cold after that. But even at the right temperature I would not have found four tenths."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull says Hamilton 'games' provoked booing of crowd

  1. Linda

    From what I've read somewhere else, Max was told to overtake Hamilton, which he ignored. By choosing not to overtake, he effectively incited the booing, so his fans would react badly to Lewis & adding to their fury over SS. He could also use it as an excuse as to why he couldn't put his RB on pole. So, in my opinion, which probably doesn't count for much, mind games on both sides. Max obviously didn't know that Lewis feeds off the boos, as has been proved before.

    • shroppyfly

      Lewis will sway in the wind like a blade of grass, this time , hes blaming long covid, now not wishing to trivialize the effects of long covid BUT ....... im afraid to say, whose he trying to kid, he was just knackered... but used Long covid as an excuse IMO, its sad in a way, hes become an expert in going for the sympathy vote, the down widgets are to your left .....

        • shroppyfly

          Oh Come on Honestly, really, how many times has lewis mentioned that hes still feeling the effects of having Covid last year? correct None is the answer its a bit convenient all im saying

          Hed get a better response from me , if he just said , i was bloody knackered and feeling a bit faint from my exertions

          Obviously i haven't seen his medical notes what a daft comment , i'm like you forming my own opinions on his what i call "gamesmanship", of to spa , next when lewis invites greta T along and tells us all about global warming and don't eat to much chocolate boys and girls i don't doubt, whatevers topical .......


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