It will not be easy for Lewis Hamilton to break Michael Schumacher's record tally of seven world championships.

That is the view of Michael's brother Ralf, who also raced in F1.

Hamilton won his fifth world championship last year, and now many are expecting him to dislodge Schumacher as the most successful driver of all time.

"Formula one has always been characterised by teams and guys who did a great job in their era," Ralf Schumacher told DPA news agency.

"What Michael did was extraordinary and will always be extraordinary. Even if Lewis breaks the records, that doesn't change.

"But he has to do it first. Two titles, that's still a long way off. Especially if Ferrari does the job right and Red Bull is there as well, it will not be easy for him," he added.

Ralf thinks Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel will be strong in 2019.

"Everything he wanted from Ferrari, he now gets, which is very important for a driver," he said. "That was the biggest mistake they made before.

"Sebastian has always shown that if the package fits, he can get the most out of it. It could be that he gets a bit of pressure from his new teammate, but that can help the situation too," Ralf added, referring to Charles Leclerc.

"If you have two fast guys, you usually go faster in the right direction."

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30 F1 Fan comments on “Ralf: Beating Michael's records not easy for Hamilton

  1. Harry Béco

    Ralf, you are a wanker.
    The only reason why your brother has those records is because he was a cheat.
    Lewis Hamilton is already regarded as one of the greats & unlike your brother, he didn’t cheat to get to where he is.
    Not only will Lewis break your cheating brothers records, he is going to smash them like what the snow did to michaels’ brain, turn them to mush. You fucking deadshit.

    • Jadra

      Harry, your comments are disgraceful and totally disrespectful and you need to wash your mouth as your tongue is dirty and words that come out of are vile and hateful and so offensive . I just hope that u r smart enough to know that that u need to apologise for the shameful comment u made on this site and I trust Michael's friends will respond to your attack on the man who cannot defend himself and take action against such slander . F1 does not need followers like you . I just wonder what would Hamilton say to you if he was ever to read your idiotic comments? He would be certainly astounded by your ignorant and mindless language!

      • Leopold

        Thanks for your message Jadra. I couldn't reply better on the comment of Harry myself. I would like to ask our readers if it would be better to delete Harry's comment? Please let me know.

        • Donald Trump is correct, speak your mind!

          The question mark here has been replaced from once was the middle finger up emoji to Leopold, for trying to sanction what Harry Béco was trying to say but was being persecuted and condemned for telling the truth.
          Michael Schumacher was a cheat and can’t change history.

      • Harry Béco

        If Lewis Hamilton read my comments, deep down he would agree with me because I’m more than certain he doesn’t like cheating behaviour. Mr. Hamilton achieves his accomplishments through sheer hard work, talent & determination to be the best without trying to get around the rules.

  2. Jadra

    I honestly think that Harry should be blocked from using the site so no access for him. He still can redeem himself if he withdraws the comment and expresses his regret for the words he used in it.He needs to see that he cannot be allowed to repeat the same language here.

    • Harry Béco

      Throughout his Formula 1 career, especially at benetton & ferrari, the biggest cheats or should we call them the F.I.A “ferrari internal affairs” got away with murder. I’m long time, true F1 fan, not a Johnny Come Lately unlike you idiots who had to put up with all the bushshit they got away with.
      If you don’t like it, don’t look.

    • Harry Béco

      Is the only praise michael cheatmaker site & I’m not allowed to voice my opinions.
      No this is a F1 fansite & you cannot change history, he cheated and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

      • Leopold

        For sure you can show your opinion. But I hope you agree that your tone of voice in your first comment isn't appropriate and very disrespectful. If you can't comment in a civilized way then please don't.

        • Ned Teo

          What’s the hardest part cooking a vegetable in a microwave oven?
          Fitting his wheelchair in.
          FUCK YOU & FUCK HIM!
          He got what he deserved, it’s called Karma you dickhead.
          The saddest part about this hole situation is, he is not dead yet, he is a fucking piece of shit.

  3. Maxine Fari

    Leopold why don’t you allow Ned to have his say,
    are you scared of the truth that michael schumacher or as ned puts it cheatmaker “I quite like that, that’s funny” or is it about the language. I can understand from where you are both coming from, on the one hand the language was a bit much but on the other other side of the spectrum when one person is voicing their opinion and is being attacked from all sides then people start to feel the need to defend their own opinions in a hostile way. It’s fight or get walked all over.

    • Leopold

      Hi Maxine, as I said in the comment on which he replied on. It's purely about the language. For sure everyone is entitled to have an opinion and can fire that away on this platform, but I didn't build this platform to rage away and to let someone insult me. You can do that at home but not on a public platform that small kids also visit. Is that so hard to comprehend?

      And about Michael Schumacher's cheating. For sure he tried in every way to win and is penalized for some of it, but the man also worked hard and gave up a lot for it, which is why he earns a lot more respect. Nobody is perfect and that's why things stay interesting and we have fuel to talk about them. If everybody was perfect it would be very boring around here. We all have our reasons why we act as we do, You can like or dislike someone for what ever reason, but let's stay civilized.

      • nt29

        So very disappointing, it seems to me you condone cheating, at least everyone else who is calling schumacher a cheat because that’s the truth is upfront and honest and is being condemned for their honesty for calling a spade a spade but you want to regulate what people can say and you think you know what you are talking about Formula 1 is a whole lot of BS. Wake up and grow up. Before you comment about the subject of Formula 1, I suggest you should know what you are talking about because I believe you know very little, you choose to bury your head in the sand and be ignorant and arrogant.

  4. Jadra

    All those who posted venomous attack on Michael and accusing him of cheating should really look at themselves and see their own shortcomings and then judge MIchael for his .You may voice your opinion but you will also be judged by it and you surely have no idea of forgiveness and mercy and duty to love others even your enemies.Your ignorance is astonishing but not surprising having such a primitive mind which fails to see the truth. Have u ever been taught or read the Lords Prayer and the meaning of it ? No wonder ignorance, fear and hatred rules in the world but we are blind and deaf so we fail to realise it!

    • Harry Béco

      If you want to be a priest, go and teach scripture. If you don’t know anything Formula 1 , then don’t cry to me. Go and watch old races of F1 because that’s why I comment on what I know, it’s obvious to me you have no idea what you are talking about. Formula 1 was around before that cheat came and continues just fine without that disgusting creature.

  5. Harry Béco

    My hate for him will never ever end, I don’t give a damn about his current situation. As a true Formula 1 fan, it aggrevated the hell out of me, how many times he got away with cheating and finally he is in the position, is because karma finally caught up him.

  6. Jadra

    Harry, you are a bad seed and as such can never produce good fruit. As you sow so you reap, so watch what might come your way as you seem to believe in karma. As for me I have a great knowledge and understanding of F1 so I wonder where is your ignorance coming from. How good are u at game of chess ? As far as I am concerned u might be on the level of a grandmaster but I suspect it is not your game or am I wrong? Forgive me,Harry, I just love to reply to your reply as I enjoy to challenge your preconceptions and narrow mindedness ! You simply do not get it !

  7. BlackDog

    Jadra, I may not completely agree with the way some contributors have expressed themselves but I support their right to express a view. I accept that it is not a view held by you because from posts over the last 12 months or so I can see that you are a true Ferrari supporter. But if you are honest you dislike Hamilton and have at every opportunity told us why in your view Vettel and Schumacher are the best.

    I actually agree that MS was an incredible driver and one of the all time greats but he was a cheat pure and simple, not just a hard player, but a cheat and that makes it even harder to judge him against other true great sporting champions. He didn't cheat every time he raced, not even nearly but when he needed to or thought he'd get away with it he did. And I'm not talking of things that go on in most teams, I'm talking about just what went on in his own mind. Lets not forget that he's the only competitor to be disqualified from an entire championship in 1997 and only just got away with it in 1994 and 1998 and that doesn't even make mention of the Monaco debacle.

    What happened to Michael is an absolute tragedy but there are those out there that think that had it not happened his legend would have been scrutinised more harshly over time than it has been.

  8. Jadra

    Now Harry, SATAN is not my maker nor he has power over me, but he seems to be pretty fond of you and is leading you right into the PIT but not the F1! The game is over,Harry!

  9. Bent spanner

    We cannot allow language like this to be posted on site,Hateful comments ,foul language,MUST be BLOCKED .True fans of any sport respect the essence of it first and admire the competitors equally
    Be true to the sport and respectful of everyone.Remember ,we are Fans NOT competitors

  10. Crème de la crème

    Ralf you wanker,
    Lewis has done it & has done it with no signs of stopping. Beautiful the cheat will no longer be remembered as the record holder, cheats will always be remembered for what they are, cheats get what they deserve.

  11. lonestardavid

    During his time in F1 MS was not only a cheat he was also downright dangerous, look at what he did to Hill to win the championship and also what he attempted to do to villeneuve which if i understand it he accepted that he had indeed tried to take out villeneuve, after the villeneuve incident another look should have been taken at the Hill incident and he should have been stripped of his title, had he not been such a cheat throughout his career hamilton might well now be the record holder.

    • Go Go Go Spin Spin Spin

      Finally a voice of intelligence that visits this site, thank you lonestardavid, you fully understand that the cheat was so over overrated and got away with cheating and being a hitman to literally takeout the competition no matter what the cost and when it happens to him, he has a big dummy spit for example 1998 Belgian Grand Prix between he and David Coulthard, when he gets back to the pits with 3 wheels on his car, he storms to the McLaren garage like a true nazi that he is to kill Coulthard, if I was one in the McLaren garage that day I would have smashed that cheat.
      The cheat & ferrari got away with it all the time because the FIA chose to turn a blind eye and the reason why they chose to do that is because fia stands for ferrari internal affairs and the head of ferrari becomes the head of the fia. What utter BS.

      • lonestardavid

        i am pleased you have corrected one of my misunderstandings i always thought the FIA stood for ferrari international assistance i stand corrected, and just to prove us both right when le clerc squeezed hamilton he did not get a penalty, however when vestappen did it to bottas last year he did get a penalty and it is not the first time leclerc has got away with it simply because of driving a ferrari.

  12. wdmbec

    Sucked in you big mouth WANKER,
    Lewis Hamilton is 1,000% better than your brother because Lewis didn’t have to stoop down to cheating to becoming the G.O.A.T.
    Your brothers’ wins & championships should be null and void, as they say cheaters never prosper, before he retired your brother was cheered and revered even though he was gaining all the glory through cheating but as it has been mentioned previously karma will come back to bite you.
    Your brother is and will always be remembered as a dark stain in Formula 1, a total embarrassment because cheats are the scourge of society.


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