Sep.25 - Kimi Raikkonen is staying quiet about his next move in Formula 1.

The Finn made waves earlier this week by publishing on social media a pair of humorous memes comparing himself and James Hunt with today's top star, Lewis Hamilton.

The memes upset some of Hamilton's fans.

"Formula 1 was a little different when I started," said the 40-year-old, who debuted in 2001. "Today, people get upset about almost everything."

Some calculations show that Sochi is Raikkonen's 326th race weekend, matching Rubens Barrichello's all-time record.

But if he retires at the end of the year, the returning Fernando Alonso would then pass them both to become the most experienced F1 driver in history.

"I'm not going to continue just to stop Alonso from doing more races than me," Raikkonen laughed. "The number doesn't mean that much to me anyway. Every record is broken at some stage."

It is a typical sentiment by the popular Finn, who according to rumours had an option to remain at Alfa Romeo in 2021 which expired on September 15.

The rumours suggest Raikkonen will now decide his next move in the coming days.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Raikkonen quiet about next move in F1

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    "The rumours suggest Raikkonen will now decide his next move in the coming days"

    Has anyone counted the number of rumours that have swirled around Kimi? His number of complete sentences don't come close to equalling press coverage. As a citizen of F1, he is the GOAT.


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