Sep.15 - Mercedes has denied "bringing politics into Formula 1".

The denial from the dominant championship-winning team comes amid reports the FIA is looking into whether Lewis Hamilton broke the sport's rules about political messaging with a t-shirt he wore at Mugello.

While the six-time world champion has worn a 'Black Lives Matter'-branded t-shirt whilst kneeling prior to races this year, he changed the messaging for Mugello.

Suddenly, Hamilton wore a t-shirt demanding that officials in America "arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor" - a reference to a highly contentious police shooting in March.

An FIA spokesman confirmed that an investigation into Hamilton's wearing of the shirt on the podium and in post-race interviews is under "active consideration".

Mercedes, though, is defending the 35-year-old, who at the next race could equal Michael Schumacher's record tally of 91 grand prix wins.

On Twitter, a user asked Mercedes and Hamilton to "keep politics out of F1 please".

"We're not bringing politics into F1," Mercedes, whose official Twitter also claims to be "racing for diversity and inclusion" in 2020, replied.

"These are human rights issues that we are trying to highlight and raise awareness of. There's a big difference," the team added.

An unnamed F1 team boss doubts Hamilton will be sanctioned for wearing the t-shirt.

"You cannot sanction Lewis for an action that is supported all over the world. I'm sure Mercedes sees it the same way," the boss told Sport1.

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13 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes denies 'bringing politics into F1'

  1. MichaelM

    This is not only bringing politics into F1 but actually blatant virtue signalling by the privileged Hamilton. Why did Mercedes paint their cars black when it couldn’t-‘t been any other colour.. Yes, including white.

  2. Bob Minerich

    We, in America, are tired of BLM's looting, rioting and even the killing of a retired police officer. To see someone in F1 wear a T Shirt that evidently is in support of BLM is in bad taste, He needs to look into who leads that organization and what they have actually done for the black people here in America, before he sports that shirt. It speaks poorly about F1 as an organization. F1 doesn't need that kind of adverse advertising.

  3. Salmon

    Who is Hamelton to demand who must be arrested or not.He is a race car driver.Politics must be kept out of sport.
    Mercedes better look deep and hard into BLM .They make a big , big mistake .It is politics and the World definitely dont support riots ,looting and murderers.ALL LIVE MATTERS even a dogs live.

  4. Richard

    Hamilton is the biggest racist in f1 he single handedly brought these politics into our sport if he wants to be a politician go fuck off and be one. Leave our sport alone! KEEP POLITICS OUT OF F1 IN FACT KEEP IT OUT OF ALL SPORTS!!

  5. Crusader

    lol "Action that is supported all over the world" also "these are human rights issues"
    non of them ever visited orthodox, or muslim country, even some catholic ones like Poland
    what they are standing for is considered total blasphemy and is punishable by death in some countries, or by severe beating from regluar citizens in countries that dont have such a good laws... Im from Serbia, so i know what im talking about on north we have catholic Hungary, where they just dont want any of that shit that Merc is pushing for, also muslim Albania on south west where they are still arranging marriages and women arent allowed to visit pubs or anything, also in my country government is pushing gay parades and shit bcs they get money for that from EU, but durring every parade whole city gets smashed, then church parade to cleanse streats from that sinful act begins and hundreds of thousands people go with priests who cleanse streets with the holy water... Its totaly political and even worse its meddling with religion and religious dogmas about whats right and whats wrong.
    Its sin to stay silent
    Deus Vult

  6. Les

    What it means now is that any driver can wear anything pushing for whatever social injustice they are supporting . It all needs to be banned . Let us just have F1 racing without all of that .
    Doesn't matter how many races and championships Hamilton wins he will never be the GOAT.
    He is in a dominant Mercedes car. Put Verstappen , Vettel , Leclerc in the other car alongside him and they would take regular wins away from him.

    • MichaelM

      couldnt agree more. Whenever these other drivers like Verstappen, Vettel, Lecleerc had a competitive car they always beat LH. In fact in a one to one fight he looks pretty mediocre. He's also made to look better by MB by having Bottas as second driver who is very average.

  7. John M

    I watch the F1, NRL or NFL because I enjoy the sport not any political or social kneeling protest, regardless of if I agree or disagree with what the protest is about. I am at a total loss to understand how the FIA and Mercedes Benz fail to understand how they are damaging their brands in the marketplace. They only have to ask Gillette who lost market share for participating in social/political activity. I also believe that if Norris or Riccardo drove the F1 Mercedes Benz, LH would never win another race

  8. I can't remember

    The problem I see is that the Clown in Chief in the USA has politicized every damned thing, Here just wearing a face mask is a political act. The planet will be turned on it head in the first week of November no matter who is called the winner.


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