Sep.14 - Max Verstappen admitted he was "sick" of the repeat Honda-related technical problems at both Monza and Mugello.

The Dutchman, who according to his boss Dr Helmut Marko could have challenged Mercedes for victory on Sunday, retired from a race for the second time within seven days at Mugello.

"It seems that it was the same problem as last week in Monza," the Red Bull driver told Ziggo Sport.

"The start was good, but when I went full throttle, I had that problem again. I could already feel it on the way to the grid."

When told that his actual retirement was caused by the crash, Verstappen responded: "That's what you get when you end up in situations like that. I would have dropped out anyway."

He stopped short of pointing the finger directly at Honda, but admitted: "It is not normal for it to happen two races in a row. At the moment I'm sick of it. It doesn't matter that much to me anymore."

Indeed, with Lewis Hamilton winning again, Verstappen's points deficit to the lead Mercedes is now 80 points.

Honda's technical boss Toyoharu Tanabe admitted he was disappointed to see "PU problems when we were showing speed".

On the brighter side, Alex Albon secured a timely podium at Mugello, in the wake of swirling speculation that he might be dropped by Red Bull.

Team boss Christian Horner thinks the result will be like a "turbocharger" for the British-born Thai driver's confidence.

"It seems that the slightly unstable rear-end behaviour inherent in our car, which does not affect Max's driving in any way, has hindered both Alex this season and Pierre Gasly in the previous one," Horner said.

"It's not so much a problem for Alex now. He has learned how to cope with it better."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen 'sick' of repeat Honda problems

  1. Jerome Bons

    It is as clear as sunlight that Max Verstappen would have won the Grand Prix of Tuscany at Mugello on Sunday 13th of september, if he had been able to proceed his race in a normal functioning car.
    Now, why is that so certain? I will try to explain the reason for my conviction.

    The preset for this race was different from other races in 2 important aspects: the nr. 1 (pole) position was on the inner lane of the circuit so the nr 2 car was on the outer lane while at the end of the straight the track was turning to the right.

    Max Verstappen needed a blinding fast start, which he had and being in the nr 3 car he had to steer to the middle of the track to pass the nr.1 car, which he did. By steering left he forced the nr 2 car (VB) to the left hand side while keeping the inner lane turning right.

    By executing the start to perfection MV was in a leading position but at that moment the car lost all power. At the second MV accelerated to push his move through the engine of his car left the scene and ruined his race. A race that was won (and lost) at the start.

    The Mugello track is made for Max Verstappen. He loves the flowing corners, he loves the up and down and he loves a track that follows the landscape. Look at his birth-ground so near to the Ardennes and look at the landscape with its curving and flowing rivers. Driving in the surroundings is pure joy, even in my old Saab Cabriolet 900.
    Last weekend Max was feeling at home at Mugello and on top of the world, invincible.
    His frame is in top condition and he copes with G-forces as if they are there to enhance the experience of driving fast.

    So we can conclude that the time and place and circumstances where made for a MV win.

    'But…what about nr 2 Bottas? I hear you say… Verstappen could not ignore the fact that Bottas was there as well” As strange as it sounds but that was exactly what he did, he always did. Asked about Bottas he usually answers..’ah..well..Bottas.. he is not used to put up much of a fight, is he.. so well..better leave it at that.

    Max Verstappen would have won at Mugello! FACT
    Jeroen Bons

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Jerome, I'm glad that VER has a loyal fan but stating your opinion as FACT is a bit much. My guess is that in a incident free race it would have been VER vs BOT and Bottas would have buried him. Of course, it was not incident free and BOT got the short end in both quali and the race.

    • Ayolaw

      @Jerome. You must be an incurable optimist driven by your blind loyalty to the VER cause. According to your warped and so eloquently tilted point of view, "it is clear as daylight that VER would have won 5 races by now - Austria, Styria, Hungary, Spa and Mugello!"

      Your delusion blinded to the following FACTS:

      1. VER did not lead any of the FPs in Mugello when his car didn't have a problem
      2. VER's engine did not pack up in Hungary yet he did not win. He came 2nd
      3. VER's engine did not pack up in Styria yet he did not win. He came 3rd
      4. VER's engine did not pack up in Spa yet he did not win. He came 3rd
      5. Even if your VER had been first into Turn 1 in Mugello there is no guarantee he would have won. Ask Bottas
      6. The fact that Honda Engine may be suffering from the ban on party mode! At least that's what VER's bosses would have said if Mercedes fails to finish a race since the ban

      Btw, you are not alone in your delusion. You share high profile company in Marco and Horner, your fellow jokers. I pity you for failing to understand the age-old immutable fact of life: TO FINISH FIRST, FIRST YOU HAVE TO FINISH

  2. maxxi

    Beaucoup de bluff en fait le moteur Honda souffre de la perte du mode fête autant sinon plus que le moteur Mercedes. In fine c'est le moteur Renault qui s'en sort le mieux.


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