Jun.24 - Nikita Mazepin insists he is "not interested" in switching his focus from Formula 1 to Indycar.

Although sacked by Haas over the Ukraine conflict and resulting western sanctions, the 23-year-old insists he is "an optimist" about his chances of mounting a return.

"I have confidence that in the future it will be possible to return," he confirmed to the Russian daily Sport-Express.

"Therefore, I am at the same weight and have kept myself in good physical shape, so if such a challenge arises I will be able to take advantage of it."

Interestingly, he clarified that while Haas ousted both himself and his father's company Uralkali from the American team, he has not actually been banned by Formula 1.

"I want to note that the FIA allows me under certain conditions," Mazepin revealed.

"Sport should unite and athletes from different countries should be able to compete with the best. I have always been guided by the principle that when you put on a helmet, you have no skin colour or belong to any particular state."

He also thinks some F1 teams may be interested in working with him once the Ukraine conflict subsides.

"Formula 1 is a private business, with the decisions made by the teams themselves," said Mazepin. "At Haas, one and a half people take them - Gunther (Steiner) and Gene (Haas) when he is interested.

"Therefore, I would not associate my situation with Formula 1. They did not exclude me from anything."

Therefore, he will not rule out one day getting into the business side of Formula 1.

"Top teams are worth several billion dollars and I think that someday I will come to be a part of this industry as a businessman," said Mazepin. "But I'm not going to rush into it."

As for rumours he may be looking at getting back to racing in Indycar, Mazepin did rule that out.

"I'm not interested in Indycar," Mazepin insisted. "Of course, I cannot say what will happen tomorrow but all my life I wanted to get into Formula 1.

"I got there, but as they say, appetite comes with eating and I have no doubt about what I could do in a competitive car."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Mazepin not interested in switching his focus to Indycar

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Good shot. What makes him think that IndyCar is interested in his sorry soul? I live in the US, and believe me, there is not much taste for anything Russkie right now. I thought that we were done with this guy and he was going to drive dune buggies in sandland. No?

    • ReallyOldRacer

      What the hell will I do with 2 pounds of caviar? Party for the entire politburo? Vlad and I are not that tight. BTW, where I come from, fish eggs are used as bait to catch king salmon.

      • shroppyfly

        See, that's why i like America , pounds and gallons, Europe is way to fixated on Kilos and litres, whats Putin up to , its easy , lets cut the gas supply to Germany by 50% , mmmm good job its summer all i say, sell half the gas while the price doubles and Europe saying we've gotta hurt Putins cash cow oil and gas, ahhh politicians...eh

  1. Susan

    Does anyone really care what this pompous little arse wants or not. He was a losey driver with a very rich father. Sometimes a line has to be drawn. This is the line that should never be crossed. He isn’t worth the trouble.


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