Apr.25 - Ferrari, at the top of the fabled team's game, endured a nightmare weekend at Imola in front of the massed Tifosi.

In the context of Carlos Sainz's accumulating errors, boss Mattia Binotto earlier concluded that the Spaniard was struggling with the pressure of a fully-competitive car.

After championship leader Charles Leclerc's late spin and barrier-hit in slippery conditions at Imola, however, Binotto insisted: "The mistake had nothing to do with pressure.

"I think racing drivers are used to driving at the limit. The cars have harder suspension this year and if you get too high on the curb, you can lose the car."

The Italian also revealed that Ferrari is not ready to introduce significant car changes ahead of the first-ever street race in Miami.

"We will work on preventing the bouncing and on adapting our aerodynamics package for this track, which requires less downforce," said Binotto.

"The larger upgrade will follow a little later."

For his part, Leclerc was typically self-critical after making a mistake.

"It's very close and I think it will stay that way for the rest of the season," he said. "That's why every little mistake counts, even if it was a big one today."

Some of the 24-year-old's critics were pointing out that the Monaco-born driver is prone to making mistakes at key moments.

"It's not just about driving a fast lap, but also driving consistently, without taking any risks that could lose you everything," said former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher.

"What happened with him was not necessary at all. He should have accepted taking third place home, because doing that is also the key to a world championship.

"He took too much of the kerb in that situation. Far too much," said the German.

Again, Leclerc had no retort.

"We didn't have the pace to win, but I definitely wanted second place," he told Sky Deutschland. "I made a mistake that I shouldn't have made.

"There's no excuse for that."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc's mistake 'not about pressure' says Ferrari team boss

  1. f1award

    Surprized Ferrari broke ranks and stopped for a second time before RB, should have made RB worry about their tyres then maybe MV might have been pitted and CL could have risked going to the end, wouldn't have been any worse off even if he had to stop 3 laps before the end.

  2. smokey

    Good grief!
    Charles Leclerc is actually human, and capable of mistakes! What a surprise!
    Hey, even the greatest drivers in F1's history have made mistakes at crucial times. They always leave history behind them and live to fight on and do better another day.
    Charles Leclerc will be no different. He is moving up in the world! A world champion of the future. Maybe 2022?

  3. John B

    Le Clerc's error was indeed made under pressure from Verstappen

    He made a typical rookie mistake while being hunted down

    Lesson learned perhaps


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