Feb.12 - Charles Leclerc has dismissed claims that a certain arrogance is beginning to creep into his personality.

The Ferrari driver's critics believe that as his former teammate and quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel struggled, 23-year-old Leclerc began to revel in his new status as de-facto Ferrari number 1.

"This criticism hits me more than other things that are said," the Monegasque told Sky Italia, "because I know very well that I have not changed."

Leclerc said observers may simply be noticing that he has become less open than before, but only because people treat him differently now that he is a Ferrari star.

"So yes I have changed closed some things, but that is not arrogance. I have not changed in that way," he insisted.

He said he was advised from an early stage in his Formula 1 career to not allow his status to change him.

"Everything in my career has been going pretty fast and in the right direction, but I've always kept that piece of advice in the back of my mind," said Leclerc.

"That's why the word arrogance bothers me so much."

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8 F1 Fan comments on “Leclerc hit by critics saying he became more arrogant as Ferrari driver

  1. Kyle

    Its quite interesting that the author, CPL, of this article has chosen to not actually name any of these alleged "critics of the Ferrari driver" (if they materially exist). Fake news is usually driven if not propagated by so called journalist to promote their own agenda or sell print lines. Every editor of every newspaper is driven to advance their own or owners points of view or political stance and to absolutely drive profit by any hard core sell,sell sell of their media stream.

  2. David

    Agree with Kyle, some journalist as is the case here, use the wicked craft of the poison pen to create news while citing "others" as the mysterious source!
    All F1 drivers have their critics some more that others and absolutely all of us have the right to voice their criticism as Richard here does. But Richard has the balls to attach his name to it not like CPL who just tries to incites controversy without any ownership, cowardly hiding behind so called anonymous "critics" or "people in the know" or "un named sources".


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