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Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes prove Singapore was a blip

After Singapore threw up the biggest surprise of the season, there was a whiff of positivity in the air as F1 landed in Suzuka.

Have been Mercedes really been caught? Or was it just a blip?

It didn’t take long for Nico Rosberg to prove that the normal order had been restored with his pole position.

Mercedes were dominant. The way they returned to the top of the timesheets covered up the Singapore accident, as they stormed to a one-two.

Ferrari and Red Bull were left deflated. They have made inroads into the huge gap between Mercedes and the rest, but there is still a long way to go.

Alonso could leave McLaren

Fernando Alonso on the grid at Suzuka

Fernando Alonso on the grid at Suzuka

It shows how dismal and embarrassing McLaren’s season has been that their star driver, and arguably the best driver on the grid, is reportedly considering quitting.

Fernando Alonso is apparently fed up. And who can blame him? He left Ferrari believing that McLaren was his best chance of a third world title.

But while Sebastian Vettel clings on to the hope of a world championship in the scarlet car, Alonso is scrapping for 14th. If he’s lucky.

Like Jenson Button across the garage, the Spaniard must be wondering why. What is the point of trawling round at the back of the grid in a car which is unlikely to have made much improvement next year?

In Japan, he snapped and compared the Honda engine to a GP2’s. It was a small insight into Alonso’s thoughts. But it shows his frustration is bubbling up. Long gone are the days of optimism. McLaren face a fight to keep their star man at the team.

Rosberg is mentally broken

Nico Rosberg on the grid at Suzuka

Nico Rosberg on the grid at Suzuka

Despite saying otherwise, Nico Rosberg is clearly a broken man on track. Against Lewis Hamilton, he closes up and quivers.

Hamilton has won nearly all of their head to head meetings on track since they came together two years ago. Now, it’s not even a debate.

Who was surprised when Hamilton leapt off the start line like a cat and bullied Rosberg off the track into Turn 1? Anyone?

And from there, did anyone expect Rosberg to mount a comeback? No?

Rosberg is fast, and capable. He proved that last year. What he needs now is a long break from F1, and Hamilton. 2016 is a new year.

Is Hamilton better than Senna?

Teammates Senna & Prost worst moment in Japan 1989

Teammates Senna & Prost worst moment in Japan 1989

Sunday was a special day for Hamilton, and not just because he reconsolidated his position at the top of the standings.

The Englishman drew level with his hero, Ayrton Senna, on 41 race wins. It may sound foolish, but Hamilton has to be considered in the same bracket as the Brazilian when it comes to the dreaded ‘greatest ever’ debate.

He’s won the same number of grand prix’s in just one race more. He’s about to become a three-time world champion like his hero, and is undoubtedly one of the fastest in modern times.

He may be a divisive figure (like Senna), but Hamilton’s statistics match up. He deserves a case to be made, even if its instantly dismissed. Check out our all time top 100 driver rankings.

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