Oct.9 - Lewis Hamilton has come out in opposition to the new Brazilian Grand Prix project in Rio de Janeiro.

It emerged this week that F1 chief executive Chase Carey had written to the city's governor "to update you that we have now finalised the agreements for a race" on a new circuit in Rio's Deodoro neighbourhood.

In the letter, Carey referred to the only obstacles as being Brazilian environmental authorities INEA and CECA, amid concerns about the potential impact of the circuit's construction on the nearby Comboata forest ecosystem.

"I love Brazil and have one of my biggest fan bases there," six-time world champion Hamilton said at the Nurburgring.

"I was hoping that this question would not come up, because I personally believe that the world does not need another circuit.

"I love Interlagos and have also been to Rio, and it's a beautiful place," the Mercedes driver added.

"I don't know the details and I've heard that a sustainable race could be possible there, but the most sustainable thing would be not to cut down trees. Especially when we are fighting a pandemic and there is still a global crisis around the world."

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Hamilton opposed to F1's new Rio de Janeiro race

  1. Richard

    Not an eco fan but Hamilton is right we don't need to cut down a forest just so the elite can play in there multi billion $ circus. We already have a perfectly good track at interlargos it's been great for years why change now!

  2. Rick

    With everything that is wrong in f1 at the moment ie dwindling audiences & lack of direction why cut down a forest to build a track, they don't need when will F1 stop shooting its self in the foot

  3. Alan

    I agree with Lewis, the need for another Track in F1 is moot as there are already many superb tracks, (and some "duffers"). But the cynical among us would view this as another deal just to make money. After all Rio is already on many peoples "bucket list" destinations. The demolition an ecosystem forest which many people would love to see, would be a disaster!


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