Nov.15 - Formula 1 should "thank Max Verstappen" rather than criticise him, according to the sport's former long-time supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

The 92-year-old no longer attends races after being ousted by Liberty Media in 2017, but he was back in the paddock at Interlagos - as he lives nearby with his Brazilian wife and child.

"It's nice to see that Formula 1 is moving forward," the 92-year-old told De Telegraaf newspaper. "A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. I've seen countless familiar faces," Ecclestone said.

Ecclestone says drivers still call for advice

Christian Horner (left) and Bernie Ecclestone (right)

F1's back-to-back and reigning world champion Verstappen has dominated in 2022, but he has also been embroiled in controversies - including the budget cap overspend and his refusal to let teammate Sergio Pérez past last Sunday.

"Formula 1 should thank Max Verstappen," Ecclestone insisted. "Max is a racer."

"He does what he has to do - he just races. The fans have wanted to see someone like that for a long, long time."

The diminutive Briton said Verstappen can also be credited for reviving the popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands - leading to the revival of the Dutch F1 GP.

"The Netherlands is so proud of him and everyone is behind him," he said. "That is the only reason why we are back in Zandvoort."

"I haven't been there the last two times, but hopefully things have improved a bit there, otherwise it wouldn't be good," Ecclestone smiled.

He also thinks the 25-year-old will continue to dominate.

"It depends on his car, but if Red Bull keeps it together, I don't see why he can't keep winning," said Ecclestone.

When asked if he will break Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton's joint all-time record of seven world championships, he answered: "Who knows. I hope so."

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16 F1 Fan comments on “Fans should thank Max Verstappen according former F1 boss

  1. Nobodysperfect

    Everyone is entitled to his opinion and medication...hahaha. But I think Verstappen brought a lot of action into F1. It wouldn't be as popular as it is today without him.

    • Donalf

      NP you are absolutely, absolutely right you always have to have a good guy & a naughty guy to make motor racing enjoyable my problem is deciding who is the good guy & the naughty guy, if that makes any sense.

  2. ReallyOldRacer

    I keep reading all these opinions that you have to be an arrogant prick to win. Balderdash. Do some research folks and you will find many contradictions to that idea, in F1 and throughout the sports world.

  3. RaisedEyebrow

    So Ecclestone is ok with Max breaking Michael Schumacher's record, just not Lewis? Seems like there might be something there? I hope it's just a personal thing against Lewis and not something more general.

  4. Blospy

    Breaking news
    Red Bull owners are set to replace CH as team principle, After representations from his mummy who also pointed out that his team mate is a dirty cheat it is about to be announced that MV is to take control of the team. Correction he already has!
    The venerable Dr has handed over day to day responsibilities to JW ably advised by his old boss Flav and his besty MM.
    Meanwhile CH is planning the preparation of his Cobra for classic racing next year fortunately with no budget cap.
    My source of these revelations was disclosed some time ago and cannot be disclosed again.

    • Blospy

      More breaking news.
      The great SLH having fixed the turd car for MB and deputised for TW in his absence and as part of his team building program in conjunction with injecting a new look into Angela has now given his young protege George Mussel a huge boost to his flagging self confidence by pushing him to a glorious double win in Brazil. His selfless actions are typical of the great man we have all come to know and love.
      Stroppy is rumoured to be having his bedroom wall covered with a life size mural(Banksy?) of the great knight. Can it be true?

  5. shroppyfly

    Mercedes have fixed their car? King G lost confidence? Injecting a new look into Angela, and what does Angela's other Husband say about that? Only Girls love SLH , or maybe Boys too? The only poster i have of the dame is the one attached to my dart board..!

    • CanadianEh

      In The Democratic People's Republic of Kanada, there is actually a law against using a picture of our Fearless Leader as a target for any projectile weapon.

      I know it was expensive, but having his face printed on every sheet of bog-roll is sooo satisfying.


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