May 15 - Formula 1 could wave goodbye to the controversial 'hybrid' engine era from 2030.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is expecting a "closer battle" on the track at Imola this weekend, but also a busy event of off-track moves, rumours and talks.

For instance, La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that the new Concorde Agreement is now actively being negotiated, as the critical document binding the sport together with the FIA and the teams will expire next year.

"The issue of Red Bull owning two teams has emerged," Domenicali admits.

"But they will be able to continue like this due to the contribution that the brand has made to the history of Formula 1."

He added: "We also confirm the maximum limit of 25 grands prix per season, and we intend to expand the new sprint race format to more events, because it makes the race weekends more exciting."

2025 will be the final season in the current regulations cycle, with the chassis, aerodynamic and engine rules all set for a massive overhaul for 2026.

"In the last meeting of the F1 Commission, there was agreement on the main points and it was decided that the rules will be published on June 1," Domenicali reveals.

"All of the teams are already working on the 2026 cars," he said. "The aerodynamic package will see some important new features.

"The sore point is the high weight of the single seaters, and that's a problem that remains," Domenicali explained.

"And also from my perspective, I would like the engines to produce a nicer and a louder sound, as the enthusiasts are asking for," said the Italian.

"If sustainable fuels lead us to zero emissions, then we can even think about abandoning hybrid power units in 2030," Domenicali teased.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “F1 CEO Says He Wants Louder Engines and End Hybrid Power

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    A hybrid-less V6 concept would be enough, although, for 2026, any weight increase would only come from the battery rather than the whole concept, not to mention all the aspects combined that reduce overall weight will have a greater impact than the increased battery size.

  2. Nobodysperfect

    At last!!! More noise, less weight = way more excitement, enjoyment and racing!

    I thought they would never get it anymore...He only forgot to say he also wanted the gridgirls back...hahaha

  3. Eric Kups

    I believe that f1 cars should throw out hybrid attachments. I believe that stupidity in the future to obtain carbon zero is not achievable, future my eyes f1 should push hydrogen engines. The push to get rid of fossil fuels is a must but why jump out of the frying pan into the fire.
    Someone said jump and we have without fully looking at the details. Go F1 go even if it means backing the f1 races with a formula H.

  4. Rupena

    F1 should return to it's original concept. Much fewer design rules, allowing for each team to design new technologies like they used to. F1 was all about innovation and racing. Today, it is all about inconsistent penalties, inconsistent rules, and almost no freedom for innovation of new technologies, unless it is hybrid and tyre conservation. It was best when there were multiple tyre companies competing on different cars etc. That was racing.


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