McLaren Group chairman Ron Dennis has confirmed that both Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have contracts that go beyond 2015.

Alonso is known to have signed a multi-year deal, which reports suggest runs for three years, after the team chased him for over 12 months.

However, Button was long expected to leave the team to make way for Alonso, but in a late twist he got the seat ahead of 2014 team-mate Kevin Magnussen.

With Alonso 33 and Button 34, reports suggested that McLaren would want to sign a younger driver soon.

However, Dennis said: “What I can say with both is they are plural, not singular” when asked on the length of the pair’s contract.

New engine suppliers Honda are said to be behind keeping Button, but they confirmed they will help shape young McLaren drivers for the future.

Kevin Magnussen has been retained by the team as a reserve and test driver, while the highly-rated Stoffel Vandoorne is also waiting in the wings.

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