Jun.15 - Three Formula 1 bosses think Red Bull's utter dominance can be stopped.

Amid the sport's generally soaring popularity, the TV ratings have taken a big hit recently as Max Verstappen cruises almost unchallenged to his third consecutive drivers' title.

"People need unpredictability," Mercedes boss Toto Wolff told the American broadcaster CNBC this week.

"The show and the sport are inextricably linked. But there are rules, and whoever wins by those rules deserves to win," the Austrian insisted.

"I think next year we can fight on an equal footing with Red Bull," Wolff continued. "In recent years we have made a few missteps on the technical side, but this is physics, not mysticism - and we will be back soon."

Wolff's counterpart at the small American team, Gunther Steiner, also thinks Red Bull's rivals managing to catch up is only a matter of time.

"I would say that for the rules to work you have to give them time," he told AS newspaper this week.

"Red Bull's work is impressive, but in Monaco there were 15 cars in one second in qualifying. With more time, I think almost the entire grid will look like that.

"If there was no Red Bull, the fight would already be fantastic," Steiner added.

He also told Marca newspaper at an event to promote the Spanish translation of his book: "It's like last year - no one would have said that Aston Martin is going to jump to second place.

"There are always unknown things in F1, and also Red Bull cannot escape the budget limit. There are nine teams currently figuring out why they are going so fast," Steiner said.

Also not overly worried about the TV slump and Red Bull's dominance is Franz Tost, the departing long-time team boss at Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri.

"I'm not worried," he told Osterreich newspaper. "No matter where we go, we are sold out at almost all the racetracks.

"The fact that the ratings are falling in Germany and Austria is mainly due to the lack of national heroes."

However, Tost admits that the 2023 season is basically a write-off for Red Bull's rivals.

"In terms of performance, yes," he said when asked if Red Bull can deliver an unprecedented clean-sweep of victories.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “A glimpse of hope? F1 bosses believe Red Bull's reign can end

  1. Les

    Where was Wolff saying need unpredictabilty when Merc were so dominant for years,
    Wanted other cars changed when they stuffed up their car for 2022.
    Hypocrite and self interest.

  2. shroppyfly

    Agreed and to call themselves what they described on multiple occasions as the best team , the best engineers, facilities etc etc as now having made missteps is a bit of a porky , but Torgers covers himself with the caveat, every dynasty fails , its Mercs turn, they did not help themselves by having there heads so far up there own arses for years , mainly manager and driver, i'm not sure whether i've mentioned that before?

  3. Tommy

    Nose Ring needs to reach in his pocket and grab a handful of those .8 of a second he always keeps in there just in case he needs them and then Toto and the Merc guys will be right there with RB. Problem Solved.


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