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Pirelli: No testing & no tyres for 2017 rules

Nov.27 - Pirelli is waiting on support from the rest of the F1 paddock before confirming how it will proceed in F1 beyond 2016. The Italian..

27 Nov 2015

Hembery: Pirelli 'too conservative' in 2015

Nov.17 - Paul Hembery thinks F1 will be more exciting in 2016. Fans and insiders agree that Sunday's Brazilian grand prix was too..

17 Nov 2015

Arrivabene criticises Pirelli tyre test secrecy

Nov.16 - Maurizio Arrivabene has hit out at the decision to hold the forthcoming post-season Abu Dhabi tyre test behind closed doors. Two..

16 Nov 2015

Pirelli signs van der Garde for test role

Nov.14 - Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde has signed with Pirelli as a test driver. The 30-year-old raced for Caterham in 2013, but is..

14 Nov 2015

Pirelli's Isola denies Hembery to step down

Nov.4 - Mario Isola has rejected speculation he is shaping up to take over as the head of Pirelli's F1 programme. Currently 'racing..

4 Nov 2015

Pirelli confirms 3 compounds per race in 2016

Oct.31 - Pirelli will offer three tyre compounds for F1 teams to use at each grand prix from 2016. The news has been a long time coming,..

31 Oct 2015

Pirelli waiting for FIA to approve 2017 deal

Oct.14 - Pirelli is now waiting for the FIA to formalise its new deal to keep supplying tyres to F1 teams beyond 2016. As they symbolically..

14 Oct 2015

Pirelli beats Michelin to 2017 F1 deal

Oct.11 - Incumbent Pirelli has won the race to be F1's tyre supplier beyond 2016. While an official announcement is yet to be made, Bernie..

11 Oct 2015

Pirelli & Hamilton reject Singapore conspiracies

Sep.24 - Pirelli on Thursday moved to dismiss a conspiracy theory about Mercedes' mysterious loss of performance last week in Singapore...

24 Sep 2015

Pirelli imposing lower pressures in Singapore too

Sep.17 - Pirelli and the FIA were on Thursday issuing a technical directive to the teams, amid efforts to prevent a repeat of the..

17 Sep 2015

Pirelli & FIA to avoid repeat of Monza controversy

Sep.14 - Pirelli and the FIA are working to avoid a repeat of the post-race controversy that followed the recent Italian grand prix. After..

14 Sep 2015

Report: Kerb could have caused Spa blowouts

Sep.11 - A new theory about what caused the tyre blowouts at Spa-Francorchamps recently has emerged. Pirelli was on the back foot after the..

11 Sep 2015

Michelin still sure F1 needs tyre change

Sep.9 - Michelin is sticking firm on its stance that F1 needs a change of tyre philosophy. After the blowout saga of Spa, and now the..

11 Sep 2015

Drivers silenced as Pirelli survives Spa blowout saga

Sep.5 - The Pirelli blowout saga reached its zenith at Monza, when an unprecedented summit took place ahead of the Italian grand prix...

5 Sep 2015

Teams win tyre pressure argument with Pirelli

Sep.4 - F1 teams have won an argument with Pirelli over tyre pressures at Monza. After the blowout saga of Spa-Francorchamps, F1's official..

4 Sep 2015

Team boss: No Pirelli directives issued yet

Sep.3 - How Pirelli will handle the aftermath of the Belgian tyre blowout saga remains unclear. The Italian supplier is poised to reveal..

3 Sep 2015

Pirelli set to announce tyre usage clampdown

Sep.3 - Pirelli on Thursday is poised to announce stricter guidelines regarding the use of its tyres by formula one teams ahead of the..

3 Sep 2015

Michelin remains open to Pirelli tyre war

Sep.2 - Michelin remains open to going wheel-to-wheel with Pirelli in 2017. Currently, Bernie Ecclestone is in talks with the tyre..

2 Sep 2015

Report: Pirelli to say debris caused Vettel blowout

Sep.1 - Pirelli could be set to announce that debris on the track caused Sebastian Vettel's tyre blowout at Spa-Francorchamps. In the..

1 Sep 2015

Michelin weighs into Pirelli blowout saga

Aug.31 - Michelin has weighed into the Pirelli blowout saga, insisting it is committed to producing longer-life tyres in formula one. The..

31 Aug 2015

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