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Symonds: Tyres to dominate battle for fourth

Aug.22 - Mastering Pirelli's tyres will be the key to a close battle for top spot behind F1's 'big three' teams in the latter phase of the..

22 Aug 2016

Massa: Tyres to blame for F1 rain delays

Aug.16 - Pirelli has hit back at claims it is to blame for the dearth of wet-weather racing in formula one today. Whilst safety standards..

16 Aug 2016

Pirelli wants Bahrain test for 2017 tyres

Aug.10 - Pirelli chief Paul Hembery has revealed he is pushing for track testing to take place in warmer locations, admitting Bahrain would..

10 Aug 2016

Back To The Future – Pirelli’s Return To F1

Pirelli have a rich history in top tier motorsport and, after a near 20 year absence, returned to Formula 1 in 2011. At their Research and..

3 Aug 2016

Vettel to debut wide Pirellis on Monday

Jul.29 - Sebastian Vettel will be the first F1 driver to sample Pirelli's bigger and wider tyres for the 2017 season. After his home German..

29 Jul 2016

Symonds: Top three to have 2017 tyre advantage

Jul.12 - Pat Symonds thinks F1's three top teams will get an advantage by spearheading the track development of the new, bigger Pirelli..

12 Jul 2016

Pirelli hints pressures could come down now

Jul.2 - Pirelli has indicated that the FIA closing a loophole could mean exorbitantly high tyre pressures can be eased in the forthcoming..

2 Jul 2016

Pirelli CEO happy with F1 present and future

Jun.28 - Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera said he is happy the Italian company is still involved in an ever more competitive..

28 Jun 2016

Pirelli relieved to finally ink FIA deal

Jun.18 - Pirelli has admitted to relief that, after a long delay, its presence in F1 beyond 2016 has finally been confirmed. The Italian..

18 Jun 2016

Pirelli to monitor pressures in-race from Monaco

May 19 - F1 is fast-tracking a system whereby Pirelli and the governing FIA can monitor cars' tyre pressures live during a race. Last week,..

19 May 2016

Pirelli unsure about Palmer blowout cause

May 14 - Renault and Pirelli are puzzled as to the cause of Jolyon Palmer's high-speed tyre blowout in Friday practice. In the morning..

14 May 2016

Hembery hopes 2017 rules not 'boring'

May 10 - Paul Hembery said Pirelli will not be to blame if F1 races become more boring next season. In a difficult political climate at..

10 May 2016

Report links Kubica with Pirelli testing

May 9 - A respected F1 correspondent says Robert Kubica could get involved in Pirelli's preparations for the new tyre rules for 2017. The..

9 May 2016

2017 F1 tyre supply crisis averted

Apr.19 - A tyre supply crisis in formula one has been averted at the eleventh hour. As he departed Shanghai, Pirelli's F1 chief Paul..

19 Apr 2016

Full green light for Alonso & tyre problems in China

Apr.15 - After returning to action on Friday, Fernando Alonso got the green light to race on throughout the entire Chinese grand prix..

15 Apr 2016

Pirelli denies 'secret Brazil tyre' story

Mar.19 - Pirelli has category denied reports it debuted a new tyre specification last year without informing the FIA or the competing..

19 Mar 2016

Report: Secret tyre debut leaves F1 teams angry

Mar.18 - F1 teams are reportedly angry that Pirelli introduced a new tyre late last year without telling them. Germany's Auto Motor und..

18 Mar 2016

Pirelli: 2016 feature not working as planned

Mar.17 - Paul Hembery on Thursday admitted Pirelli's efforts to design tyres that reach a sudden grip 'cliff' did not work out as planned..

17 Mar 2016

Heat on Pirelli as tyre pressures rise

Mar.3 - The heat is back on Pirelli as a new F1 season looms. For the sake of the racing, the official supplier has added a new layer to..

3 Mar 2016

F1 gets first look at faster 'ultra soft' tyre

Feb.24 - The F1 world on Tuesday got its first good look at Pirelli's new 'ultra soft' tyre. The best time posted by Sebastian Vettel was..

24 Feb 2016

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