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the fatal crash of Jules Bianchi

 Here you see how Jules Bianchi crashes into a recovery vehicle at the Japanese Grand Prix. The crash was so severe that Bianchi never..

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5 Nov 2018

Ousted Wehrlein left with ‘weird feeling’

Mar.19 – Pascal Wehrlein admits it’s a “weird feeling” to be left on the sidelines as the 2018 season begins. The..

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19 Mar 2018

Carey admits wanting F1 budget cap

Mar.6 – Chase Carey has admitted Liberty Media is considering imposing a budget cap in formula one. The new F1 owners’ latest..

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6 Mar 2018

Kubica may add Le Mans to busy 2018 programme

Feb.19 – Robert Kubica looks set to have a busy year in 2018. Although disappointed to miss out on the Williams race seat, the Pole..

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19 Feb 2018

Lowdon: Manor could return to F1

Jan.22 – Manor is not ruling out a return to formula one. The F1 team went out of business after 2016, switching instead to world..

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22 Jan 2018

Liberty buys Manor wind tunnel model

Oct.26 – Liberty Media will do independent wind tunnel research before finalising the aerodynamic regulations for 2021. That is the..

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26 Oct 2017

Report: New Chinese F1 team rumours gain speed

Jun.19 – Rumours about a potential eleventh team for 2018 are gaining momentum. The rumours began to swirl recently in the Montreal..

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19 Jun 2017

Jules Bianchi tribute song by The Vow’s

Music-band The Vow’s have made a song as a tribute to honour late F1 driver Jules Bianchi. The tribute song and video is produced..

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8 May 2017

Ericsson: Haas is team closest to Sauber

Mar.20 – Marcus Ericsson says he is not sure where Sauber will line up on the 2017 grid. Most observers think the small Swiss team,..

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20 Mar 2017

Wehrlein: Old engine makes Sauber’s life ‘hard’

Mar.15 – Pascal Wehrlein has admitted Sauber‘s year-old engines will be a disadvantage for the Swiss team in 2017. Last year,..

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15 Mar 2017

FIA confirms Manor will not race in 2017

Mar.2 – Manor‘s dwindling hopes of survival have now faded completely, as the FIA confirmed the collapsed backmarker will not..

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2 Mar 2017

US GP chief almost bought Manor

Feb.20 – Former US grand prix chief Tavo Hellmund has admitted he came close to buying the defunct F1 team Manor. The British..

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20 Feb 2017

Report: Manor could still be saved for 2017

Feb.1 – Embattled F1 backmarker Manor‘s hopes may still be faintly alive. Actually, it appears that only 10 teams will line up..

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1 Feb 2017

Administrator says Manor to ‘close its doors’

Jan.28 – Only ten teams will make it to the grid as the 2017 season begins in Australia in March. There were hopes the backmarker..

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30 Jan 2017

Manor needs funds for testing

Jan.24 – Embattled F1 backmarker Manor remains in talks with potential saviours. That is the claim of a spokesperson for FRP, the..

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24 Jan 2017

Marko would have taken Wehrlein ‘risk’

Jan.20 – Dr Helmut Marko says that in Mercedes‘ place, Red Bull would have taken a punt on a young driver rather than sign up..

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20 Jan 2017

Manor asks to race 2016 car this year

Jan.20 – If Manor finds an eleventh-hour saviour, the embattled backmarker team would have to race its 2016 car early this season...

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Manor deadline extended by another week

Jan.14 – Better news is now emerging from Banbury, the UK headquarters of the embattled F1 backmarker Manor. It was believed the..

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14 Jan 2017

One week rescue deadline set for Manor

Jan.13 – Manor has just a single week to avoid collapse, according to sources close to the embattled F1 backmarker. One week ago, the..

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13 Jan 2017

Owner: Lost money hurt Manor survival chances

Jan.9 – Manor owner Stephen Fitzpatrick has admitted losing tenth place in the 2016 world championship was a real blow to the..

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9 Jan 2017

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