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Briatore Aims Alpine Top Four Finish Within Two Years

Jun.22 – Flavio Briatore says he can get the beleaguered Alpine team back in Formula 1’s “top four” within..

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22 Jun 2024

Renault CEO Vows to Fix Alpine F1 Team by 2026 Season

Jun.18 – Renault CEO Luca de Meo says it’s critical that the Alpine team finally gets “things right” for the next..

18 Jun 2024

De Meo Firm: Alpine Team Not for Sale, Now or Ever

Jun.7 – Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo insists the Alpine team is not for sale. Last year, a sizeable chunk of the team was sold to a..

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7 Jun 2024

Alpine F1 Crisis: CEO de Meo Jets In and Demands Swift Solutions

Mar.9 – Luca de Meo, the CEO of Renault, has made an ultra-rare appearance at a Formula 1 race – just as the French..

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9 Mar 2024

Renault CEO Accuses Axed Szafnauer of Breaking F1 Promises

Sep.11 – Renault’s CEO has justified his decision to dump Alpine team principal Otmar Szafnauer. The Renault-owned Formula 1..

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11 Sep 2023

Former Ferrari Chief Binotto’s F1 Return: Alpine’s New Maestro in Making?

Aug.9 – Rumours suggesting former Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto is set to return to Formula 1 as Alpine’s new team principal..

9 Aug 2023

Andretti’s F1 Entry: The Alpine Connection – Marko’s Solution Revealed

Aug.7 – Dr Helmut Marko thinks he has the ideal solution for Formula 1’s Andretti-Cadillac dilemma. On the one hand, an..

7 Aug 2023

Renault CEO Luca de Meo sets the record straight on Ferrari rumors

Jun.6 – Renault CEO Luca de Meo has rubbished rumours he might be lining up to join Ferrari in a similarly high-profile role...

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6 Jun 2023

Renault CEO hopes Alpine can aim for F1 title in 2026

Nov.9 – Alpine aims to fight for the world championship by 2026, according to team owner Renault’s CEO Luca de Meo. It has been..

9 Nov 2022

Alpine to solve Alonso-Piastri dilemma next year says CEO

May 24 – Alpine will “find a solution” to its three-driver dilemma ahead of the 2023 season. That is the news from Luca..

24 May 2022

De Meo denies Alpine team treading water in F1

Apr.29 – Alpine is in the building phase that led to the kind of success enjoyed in Formula 1 recently by the likes of Ferrari and..

29 Apr 2022

Renault already teaming up with Andretti in F1?

Apr.27 – The CEO of Renault has confirmed that the French carmaker has teamed up to support Michael Andretti‘s bid to become a..

27 Apr 2022

Carmaker CEO proud to have kept Renault in F1

Apr.20 – Alpine is still on target to win races in Formula 1, according to Renault CEO Luca de Meo. When the Italian left the..

20 Apr 2022

Renault CEO not promising F1 title by 2023

Dec.16 – Renault is not giving up on the goal of winning the world championship once again. Luca de Meo, the Renault CEO who decided..

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16 Dec 2021

Up to Brivio if he stays at Alpine says CEO

Dec.16 – Davide Brivio will “decide” whether to stay in Formula 1 with Alpine or return to the familiar environment of..

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Team boss affirms Alpine’s F1 future secure for up to ten years

Sep.22 – Alpine’s future in Formula 1 is secure for the next “five to ten years”, the Renault-owned..

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22 Sep 2021

CEO says Alonso has leadership role a Alpine

May 18 – Fernando Alonso is fulfilling a “leadership role” at Alpine, according to Renault CEO Luca de Meo. Spaniard..

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18 May 2021

Renault CEO explains Abiteboul’s F1 exit

Apr.6 – Renault needed change at the very top as the F1 team transitioned to its new identity as Alpine for 2021. That is the..

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6 Apr 2021

Renault CEO impressed by feedback and skills of Alonso

Mar.24 – Fernando Alonso immediately recognised parts of the Alpine package for 2021 that do not “work”. That is the..

24 Mar 2021

CEO says Renault only uses F1 for branding not technology

Jan.28 – Renault is using the Alpine brand in Formula 1 for “media” purposes – not for the development of..

28 Jan 2021

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