Jan.17 - Toto Wolff has warned that the saga surrounding Lewis Hamilton's potential shock retirement from Formula 1 will race ahead for now.

It is believed the Mercedes team boss met with the FIA's new president Mohammed Ben Sulayem last Friday to discuss the matter, while star driver Hamilton is reportedly training and relaxing in Colorado amid social media silence.

Wolff told Kronen Zeitung newspaper that he thinks the seven time world champion simply "needs time" to digest the manner in which he lost the 2021 title to Max Verstappen.

"No matter what obstacle has been put in Lewis' way, he's known all his life that he has to do his speaking on the track," the Austrian said.

"Mind you, it's incredibly difficult for him until he finds the path for him between right and wrong. He just needs time.

"At the latest, we will meet again in February, and it will not be to drink tequila. I had enough of that in Abu Dhabi," Wolff added.

"He will never forget what happened in Abu Dhabi, because what happened to Lewis was a mistake. He was unbeatable on that day, until the officials blew a fuse and decided to commit several infringements.

"It is difficult to understand and something that will always stay with us. Max (Verstappen) was a worthy champion throughout the season, but on that day Lewis was better and he did not win."

As for the 2022 season, 1996 world champion Damon Hill urges Hamilton's and Mercedes' fans to finally put the championship loss behind them.

"For clarity, my point is this," said the Briton. "There is nothing that will change the result.

"It was enormously damaging for F1 and for Lewis, but it's done. We cannot turn the clock back. And it wasn't my fault, ok? So put the pitchforks down, please.

"All the people who say they have lost faith in F1, they'll be back."

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9 F1 Fan comments on “Wolff says he meets with Hamilton in February

  1. Les

    What he overlooked in saying is the Mercedes car was better that day it was not Ham was better. Again he overlooks that the race is not over until you take the chequered flag. Just ask Norris who stayed out.
    Mercedes thought the race would end under the safety car, and stuffed up by not changing Ham's tyres.
    Move on Wolff, don't keep it going. It is 2022 season , we should be concentrating on the new cars.

    • Criti

      Obviously someone wasn't watching the race. Mercedes could never have pitted for new tires while in the lead because Verstappen would have then simply stayed out and inherited the lead. Who could have predicted the FIA would not have applied their rules correctly and clear the track and bring the pace car in early.

      • f1award

        At last a sensible comment, people need to look at the rules and how Massi broke them to get MV the WDC rather than rely on their LH hatred to make their point

    • Maria Yvonne Franssen

      When the race would gave been ended under safetycar there was no need anymore to change tires. In about round 39/41 Lewis Hamilton asked several times to change his tires. With new tires then i suppose he would have won the last round as well. And on this point Toto Wolff made a wrong gamble himself for he did not count on the possibility of a safetycar anyway. So i suppose Lewis Hamilton felt disappointed two ways. I just hope he will return fresh on the start 2022 for another thrilling F1 year in safety and to take his 8th titel.

  2. Zach Stone

    Lewis Hamilton will make his decision and Toto will know first. But I cannot imagine he would leave Mercedes at the last minute, with them being forced to just get "a driver" to replace him. Not his way.

    What happened in Abu Dhabi is over. It was as stupid as calling a few laps behind the SC in the rain at Spa a race. But if Lewis had not screwed up the restart in Baku, he would have his 8th WDC right now. His mistake, while Max got cheated that day by an exploding Pirelli tire!


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