Aug.3 - Toto Wolff says he is "not worried" that Lewis Hamilton might decide against extending his Mercedes contract beyond 2020.

At Silverstone, the dominant six-time world champion went into the weekend explaining that he expects to keep racing in F1 for three more years.

But when asked about his 2021 Mercedes deal and his talks with team boss Wolff, Hamilton said after qualifying: "No, there's no discussion at all."

When asked about that, Wolff said on Sunday: "He said there were no discussions about his contract?

"That's because we trust each other," Speed Week quotes the Austrian as saying.

"We have had the same contract for seven years and have never had to pull it out. It's about the commercial conditions, and I'm not worried about that because up to now we have always been able to agree quickly.

"I have no concerns and I think we will sit down together soon," Wolff added.

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One F1 fan comment on “Wolff 'not worried' about Hamilton contract

  1. ZAK.

    For my part I have no wish to see any more black power salutes on the podium. I am amazed that Lewis cant see the pit he is digging for himself. I always defended him from comments such as Lulu from a couple of idiots on here but now I feel offended.


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