Apr.16 - Jacques Villeneuve is sceptical about Audi's forthcoming works Formula 1 project.

The 1997 world champion is actually a big fan of the VW-owned German carmaker, having recently received his custom order - a fully personalised and bright pink RS6.

What he is less supportive of is Audi's choice of Formula 1 partner - the Swiss outfit Sauber.

"Well, they're joining a team that hasn't been any good for so many years," the French Canadian told Sports Illustrated. "And you just can't invent know-how. It's something that you build over time."

Villeneuve, who won his title for Williams, actually drove for Sauber towards the end of his F1 career - when the team was a privateer in 2005, and again in 2006 with works BMW backing and ownership.

And now, he questions whether Sauber's new Audi foray will be any more successful.

"You can see it with Williams," said the 53-year-old. "You know, they stay kind of good for a while, but you pay the price of pay drivers, of all that, and you pay it late.

"And then how are they (Audi) joining?" Villeneuve wonders. "Are they joining the same way Renault-Alpine joined just to be part of F1 and make some image or to actually be racers and try and go out and win. That, we don't know."

Villeneuve also says Sauber risks a repeat of its BMW days, when the carmaker suddenly decided to pull out of Formula 1 completely following a disappointing 2009 season.

Sauber then spent several seasons merely fighting for survival.

"What's dangerous with constructors when they come in is they can easily in five minutes decide 'ok, we're gone, bye' - they leave and they don't care," he said.

"They're great for the sport, but they're also very dangerous in that respect."

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